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Understanding tips and filters

Maintenance and servicing

The most common cause of downtime for a spray machine is due to paint clogging the internals of the machine – follow these pointers to ensure downtimeis reduced to a minimum:

  • Before spraying, be sure to check that all filters are clean
  • Ensure that all connections are tight and the hoses are intact and free of kinks or other defects
  • Never leave paint standing in the machine for more than an hour
  • Always add a few drops of throat seal lubricant to the packings before spraying - this reduces wear and tear from the piston
  • Perform a final flush using pump conditioner - this prevents the intake check balls from becoming stuck in their housings which can happen when water alone is used
  • Packings should be replaced before the packing nut cannot be tightened any further
  • Tips should be cleaned with a soft brush and dried thoroughly before storage
  • Tips should be replaced once the fan pattern begins to degrade


Spray machines will eventually require a service where all components of the machine will be examined by the manufacturer as not all parts are user serviceable. At a minimum, this should be done annually, however the frequency is dependant on the volume and type of paint being sprayed through the machine. A general guide is below:

Usage Scenario