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High-quality & eco-friendly professional decorating tools

Uncompromising on quality, unbeatable on sustainability

From paint brushes with exceptional pick-up to low splatter rollers with great coverage, LickTools promise optimal performance with a consistently smooth finish and even application.

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Ultimate speed &
 maximum precision

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smooth finish

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Reusable &
made to last

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Made from sustainably-sourced materials

Paint Brushes

Our ergonomic bamboo brushes will help you achieve ultimate speed and maximum precision

LickTools Brushes Exceptional paint pick-up & lay-off
LickTools Brushes Consistently smooth finish & even application
Eco-friendly & made to last

- Certified Carbon Neutral with verified supply chain
- Handles made with FSC-Certified bamboo
- Recycled steel ferrules
LickTools Brushes

LickTools Rollers


Our rollers are designed for speed and ease and are compatible with extension poles

LickTools rollers Low splatter & excellent coverage
Consistently smooth finish & even application
Reusable & made to last

- Recycled steel frame
- FSC-certified bamboo handles
- Recycled polyester fibre sleeves

Certified Tools

We've worked hard to create tools that are high quality, durable and eco-friendly. All of our paint trays and brushes are climate neutral on product level, and manufactured to the highest environmental standards.

- Compostable, biodegradable or recyclable
- Sustainably farmed bamboo
- Sugarcane pulp trays
- Recycled metal

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