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Since 1931 Dulux has had a strong heritage in both quality and colour. The Heritage brand and Dulux dog are symbols of our history and professionalism, of our craft and dedication in delivering the most innovative colours for today’s home.


The luxury Heritage colours are available in a wide range of Dulux Trade finishes to enable you to select the right paint for your home. Dulux Trade is our highest quality paint, the trusted choice of decorating professionals.


The 112 beautiful shades have been expertly curated by Dulux colourists and are displayed to ease colour selection. To help find the perfect shade, each colour area is arranged into pale, mid, and deep tones to choose from.

The paints are available in:

Dulux Heritage Testers

Dulux Heritage Velvet Matt

Dulux Heritage Eggshell

Dulux Heritage Quick Dry Primer Undercoat

Heritage demonstrates how modern and classic furniture, accessories and architecture can be blended to create a timeless luxury.


Discover our favourite colours paired with their perfect combinations from collection - a timeless colour palette of muted and atmospheric shades inspired by the most beautiful periods in British design history.



Make an impact with one of these colours across all walls or use to enhance a focal point balanced with a subtle white.

Lead Grey

Ravens Flight

Waxed Khaki

Forest Grey

Olive Tree

Tudor Brown

Mud Lark

Wooded Walk

Dark Stone

Jenny Wren

Mid Umber

Cherry Truffle

Terra Umbra

Mauve Mist

Fitzrovia Red

Florentine Red

Red Ochre

Pugin Red

Inca Orange

Red Sand

Brushed Gold

Masters Gold

DH Drab

DH Slate

DH Grass Green

Mallard Green

Maritime Teal

Midnight Teal

Deep Ultramarine

DH Oxford Blue

Wild Blackberry

Dark Aubergine


Choose one of these shades to create a cosy and comfortable space; they pair beautifully with a white or pale tone for a softer look.

Beachcomb Grey™

Pewter Plate™

Green Slate

Stone Green

Raw Cashmere

Rope Ladder

Ancient Sandstone

Setting Stone

Bathstone Beige

Pearl Barley

Pale Walnut

Biscuit Beige

Quartz Grey

Pebble Grey

Pumice Brown™

Dusted Heather

DH Blossom

Coral Pink

Golden Ivory


Butter Cup

Pale Cream

Pale Olivine

Veranda Green

Rosemary Leaf

Sage Green

Light Teal

Sky Blue

Light Cobalt

Boathouse Blue

Violet Night

DH Indigo


These shades give a hint of colour for a light and airy feel in a space, or can be used to gently lift ceilings and woodwork against mid or deep tones.

Indian White

Turtledove Grey

Panel White

Green Earth

Flax Seed

Cornish Clay™

Green Clay

Green Marl

Fresh Flower

Ochre White™

Candle Cream™

York White™

Chiltern White™

Romney Wool™

Linen White

Pale Nutmeg

Powder Colour

Potters Pink

DH Linen Colour

DH Stone

DH White™


Silver Fern

DH Pearl Colour

Fennel White

Green Oxide

Clear Skies

Country Sky™

Copenhagen Blue

Blue Ribbon

Light French Grey™

Lavender Grey


These whites have been specially selected to coordinate effortlessly with the other tones in the same column of colour, whether for your woodwork, walls or ceilings.

Chalk White

China White

Linnet White

Grecian White™

Piano White

Roman White™

Mallow White

Wiltshire White™

Marble White

Voile White

Alabaster White

Ash White™

Wishbone White

Swedish White™

Edelweiss White

Lead White™

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