Why choose Hamilton?

This premium brand has become a household name for paintbrushes. This isn’t surprising seeing as they have been around for 250 years. In this time Hamilton have been refining and developing their products to ensure every brush stroke is as good as the last.

Designed, produced and tested with decorating professionals in mind, Hamilton are the prestigious option for anyone looking to create a beautiful finish on their walls or furniture. Professional decorators are even involved in the design and manufacturing process to ensure that the end user’s needs are met and the best possible product is created.

A brand you can trust

With a rich heritage and plenty of experience, Hamilton brushes can be relied on for quality and value for money.

Choose Hamilton for:

  • Quality products
  • Premium materials
  • Comfort and ease of use
  • Scrapers as well as brushes
  • Professional standards
  • 250 years of innovation
  • Perfect finish
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