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Professional paint brushes and paint rollers

Whether you’re a professional decorator or repainting your own home, you need the right tools for the job. We offer a range of paint brushes and rollers to cover every project you can think of. Pick up a paint roller and give the room you’re working on a smooth, even finish in no time. Then, grab your paint brush and make a perfect job of the finishing touches.

Trusted brands

We stock 1000s of products trusted by professional decorators. Discover paint brushes and rollers from top brands like ProDec, Hamilton, Purdy, Painter’s Pack, Pioneer and Dulux Decorator Centre.

Tips and advice

Wondering whether to use a paint brush or a paint roller? You’ll find tips and advice on all kinds of decorating questions on our resources page.


  1. What is the best paint brush set for a beginner
    The Dulux Decorator Centre Synthetic Brush 5 pack is an ideal for beginners given the pack holds 3 different sized brushes, which are great in both water and oil-based paints.
  2. What type of paint roller is the best to use for my home?
    A medium pile polyamide or microfibre roller is the most versatile roller for painting walls and ceilings. Polyamide rollers work best with matt finishes, microfibre rollers are more suited for the application of shiny finishes (like Vinyl Silk).
  3. When should I use a long handled paint brush?
    Long handled paint brushes are best suited to situations where you don’t quite need a hop up to reach a high corner or where you need to reach into an enclosed space e.g. behind a radiator or pipe work.
  4. What should I use to clean my paint brush?
    Paint brushes are cleaned according to what they’ve been used to paint with. Wall and ceiling paints (emulsions) are easily cleaned with just water. Brushes that have been used to paint woodwork/doors will need to be cleaned with either white spirit (this is a harsh chemical) or Bio Spirit which is a detergent based brush cleaner.

Popular categories

From large paint brushes and rollers to small cutting-in brushes and mini-rollers, you’ll find the right sized tool for your project here – whether you’re working with paint, stains or varnishes.

Professional paint brushes and rollers for every project

When you’re painting a room, or even an entire house, it’s important you have the right tools for the job. So, as well as Dulux paint, you should use a selection of professional paint brushes and rollers.

For painting both interior and exteriors walls, and ceilings, paint rollers give you an even finish in much less time. Choose a foam paint roller for smooth surfaces and a long pile microfibre paint roller if you’re working on textured surfaces, like exterior masonry.

Then when it comes to painting things like doors, skirting boards, furniture, or bannisters, choose a set of Dulux paint brushes specially for the task in hand. Get some large, small and angled paint brushes so you can paint the full surface first, then do the cutting in and finishing touches to a really high standard.

To make things easy for yourself, put together a kit containing all the tools, paint brushes and rollers you’ll need to cover a variety of decorating jobs.