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Browse our range of fillers for a variety of uses. We stock everything from exterior masonry filler to interior wood filler, ensuring any surface is well prepared before painting or applying specialist wood treatments.

Filling cracks in exterior wood before painting is essential to prevent weather damage. When you repair holes in plaster and woodwork with interior fillers, you can achieve a smooth finish on any paint job.

When choosing a filler, it's essential to consider the type of surface and the desired finish. That's why we stock premium fillers from Toupret and Repair Care alongside other preparation products.

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General preperation tips for filling

  • A combination shave hook can be used to add depth to the gap to improve the surface area for the filler to grab onto. This also removes any large poorly adhered material.

  • Brushing the gap down removes fine dust from the gap.

  • A damp cloth wiped over the gap promotes adhesion of the filler.

  • Remember, all filler drying times are subject to conditions, cold and damp conditions prolong drying times.

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