Painting and Decorating Accessories

Here at Dulux Decorator Centre, we understand that the end result is the most crucial part of your job. In this industry, you’re only as good as your last job. That’s why we pride ourselves on the variety of accessories we provide. We have all the essentials that you need for your next job, from masking tape and surface cleaners to rollerspoles and spray machines.

Our selection of products takes you from preparation to the finish and clean up. So, if it’s the perfect finish you’re after, we’ve got it covered. If it’s a squeaky clean workspace that you want, we’ve got the tools for that too.

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Sanding & Abrasives

Masking and Tapes

Paint Stripper

Thinners and Spirits

Surface Cleaners






Ladders and Platforms


Rollers and Poles

Kettles and Trays

Spray Machines

Wallpapering Accessories

Sealants and Caulk

Cleaning Products


Spirits and Solvents

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