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We’ve been making handmade paint brushes since 1925 and in that time the Purdy name has become the standard for delivering quality decorating tools to the professional decorator. We are the only applicator manufacturer to be exclusively approved by the Painting Decorating  Association (PDA) due to our performance and reputation.

  • Brushes

    Handcrafted by our specialists, our professional decorating brushes are made to last. Each Purdy® professional brush is an individually made tool. Designed, formulated, blended and hand-crafted for your maximum painting performance.

    Every Purdy brush:

    Purdy Includes Chinex filaments as standard for a professional finish and easy cleanup
    Purdy Designed to self flag throughout the life of the brush to maintain the highest performance
    Purdy No filament loss guarantee thanks to the bolstered epoxy we use to fix our bristles in place
    Purdy Delivers great results with water and oil based paints
    Purdy Retains it's shape for longer

  • Roller Frames

    Every Purdy roller frame:

    Purdy Includes a universal threaded end, compatible with all Purdy poles
    Purdy Lightweight to ensure a smooth paint flow and reduces fatigue
    Purdy Easy clean components for speedier clean up

  • Roller Sleeves

    Every Purdy roller Sleeve:

    Purdy Greater paint pick up and release for increased productivity
    Purdy Different sleeve sizes for big and small jobs for a consistent finish
    Purdy Reduced dripping and spatter when holding more paint

The complete system

Our frames are lightweight and durable, with easy clean components and a universal threaded end making them a perfect partner with Purdy Powerlock Extension Pole. Our range of sleeves also give you increased productivity, advanced performance and a smooth finish, every time.

  • Prep Tools

    Our prep tools are made of the highest quality 420 stainless steel chosen for its high strength and rust-resistance, and built to last. From cleaners and putty knives to multi-tools, our versatile range makes prep quick and easy

  • Accessories

    Whatever the job, Purdy provides a wide range of hardworking accessories that are guaranteed to perform again and again.

    The first painter’s backpack designed by pros for pros. The Purdy Backpack is an organisational storage system for job site painting tools. This backpack features multiple storage spaces for a variety of painting tools – including roller frames and covers, brushes, prep tools, extension poles, and more – ensuring users have everything they need in one organised location. The Purdy Backpack also includes a removable no-mess wet pouch for transporting wet tools.

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