Why choose Purdy?

Do you need professional paint brushes which stand the test of time? Purdy are dedicated to long-lasting quality and are the perfect choice to add to your decorating toolkit.

Purdy have an ambition for excellence, which is obvious as soon as you handle their range of professional, handmade brushes. With their attention to detail, Purdy paint brushes guarantee flawless brushstrokes and an amazing finish.

Not only specialising in handmade paint brushes, they also offer everything from adapters to Purdy rollers. So if you are looking for quality, explore our range of Purdy brushes and supplies to become a painting master in no time.

Craftsmanship is pored over

Each Purdy product is individually crafted, meticulously designed and perfected for maximum painting performance. With excellent paint distribution, they deliver an outstanding finish and a beautiful appearance.

So what can they offer:

  • Handcrafted brushes never compromising on quality
  • Brushes suitable for interior, exterior, water based and oil based paints
  • Accessories to make painting easier
  • Professional quality
  • 80 years of experience crafting brushes
  • Proven durability
Select from our range of Purdy products here and let us work with you to ensure you get the best possible results.

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