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How dustless sanding can benefit your business

A simpler, quicker way to achieve a high-quality finish

Dustless sanding is a clever solution to the dust problem. Sanding without disturbing dust particles provides better control over the work, and so, a better final result: a cleaner surface with a smoother finish.

Helping you to win more business

Switching to dustless sanding can reduce the time it takes to complete a project, cutting labour costs and helping you stay more competitive.

Move onto the next job faster

The latest dustless technology is designed to give you the best finish with less mess. Clean up takes next-to-no time, leaving you free to move on to the next job.

How dustless sanding can benefit your Health

 Dust from sanding fillers, plaster, paint, wood & other substrates are all potentially harmful to your health.

Dustless sanding eliminates all of these potential hazards and makes for a safer working environment. It’s also far less messy, meaning less dust in your clients homes and less time spent clearing up at the end.

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