Interior Fillers

Our range of interior fillers includes products for filling, jointing and skimming plasterboard, ensuring a smooth surface before painting.

Whether you need plasterboard tape for securing and joining boards in place or plasterboard filler to repair cracks and holes, we have plenty of products available. Many of these products are also suitable for interior masonry and wood.

Shop from leading trade brands at Dulux Decorator Centre to find interior fillers and other preparation products.

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Featured Products

Gyproc Easi-Fill 45

A trade staple, suitable to the filling of joints in plasterboard and repairing light damage and cracks on all but the biggest jobs.
  • Can be sanded down after 90 minutes.
  • Easy to sand.
  • Dries white
  • Available in: 10kg & 5 x 1kg

Gyproc Easi-Fill 60

A slower setting joint filling compound that can also be used for patching larger areas of plasterboard.
  • Can be sanded down after 130 minutes
  • Easy to sand
  • Dries white
  • Available in: 5kg & 10kg

Polycell Trade Quick Drying Polyfilla

Polycell Quick Drying Polyfilla provides a fast and easy way to make minor repairs to interior surfaces. It can be used straight from the tube and sets in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Ideal for small interior jobs when you are in a hurry
  • Sands easily
  • Will not shrink or crack
  • Fills hairline cracks

Toupret Quick Dry Filler

A quick drying and readily paintable powder filler for repairs to walls and ceilings.
  • Will not shrink or slump
  • Excellent adhesion & easy to sand
  • Will not flash or grin
  • 5kg contain multiple 5x1kg packs for less spoilage and easy handling
  • Available in: 2kg & 5kg

Interior fillers solution guide

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