Why choose Graco?

Graco is best known for their extremely versatile and efficient sprayer machines. From hand-held, portable equipment to larger units for bigger jobs, Graco offers a solution for a variety of decorating needs and are ideal for suppliers who need larger surface areas covering.

Graco spray tools have been designed for simple interior touch-ups through to larger, more commercial spaces. Graco is a brand that recognises the importance of efficiency that doesn’t compromise on quality to  achieve this. Graco combine accuracy with speed and quality to making them perfect for domestic and professional jobs alike, delivering consistent coverage regardless of the job.

Choose Graco for:

  • Incredible portability
  • Medium to large unit requirements
  • Professional finish
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Versatility
  • A range of surfaces
  • Garages, rooms, coloured walls, ceilings, exterior facades

Graco is a brand that will suit almost any of your decorating needs.
Download the Graco brochure