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01 February 2015

Sana texts and navigation trees will by default inherit from the default language. When installing a language pack there is no need any more to copy Sana texts and navigation trees from the default language to the installed language. With this improvement you can get online with a new language within seconds.

Weathershield is the answer to all your exterior décor needs. Here are a range of specially formulated solutions that can take on the elements and continue to look great, all while providing superior protection for your exterior masonry, trim and cladding.

Specially formulated with AkzoNobel technology, our range of Weathershield products provide all the protection you could need against the elements. Even in the most difficult of climates or the harshest situations, Weathershield does exactly what it claims to and shields your exterior from all weather.

Weathershield products provide instant enhancement to exterior products as well as long, lasting, reliable care, guaranteed to last for years to come. Weathershield gloss offers an 8 year guarantee, and Weathershield masonry a huge 15 year guarantee, giving you peace of mind that investing is Weathershield products is a sound decision.