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Hamilton Brushes

Hamilton paintbrushes have been the choice of professional decorators for over 270 years. Made with quality materials and expert craftsmanship, Hamilton brushes deliver a smooth, even finish every time. Explore the range of brushes at Dulux Decorator Centre to find the tools you need for your next job.

Choose from Hamilton synthetic paintbrushes and Hamilton pure bristle paintbrushes to suit your requirements. Hamilton’s CleanEdge range ensures maximum precision, optimal paint pick-up and even distribution when working with high-viscosity paints. The MaxStroke range is ideal for low-viscosity paints, thanks to the longer bristles and reduced splaying.

Once you’ve found the right bristle option, explore brushes in various sizes and configurations. Flat brushes are good for large areas, while angled brushes are ideal for cutting in and painting intricate areas. Sash brushes are perfect for painting trim and windows, and detail brushes are great for small areas and touch-ups. Alternatively, opt for a Hamilton paintbrush set to ensure you have the right tools for every job. Painting a larger area? Browse Hamilton rollers.
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