We’ve reformulated our popular Dulux Trade Weathershield Quick Dry Exterior High Gloss and Quick Dry Exterior Flexible Undercoat products.

The new, water-borne formulation offers our most durable highest gloss sheen ever – equally as durable as its solvent-borne alternative.

The range provides 8 years of all-weather protection, plus a built-in fungicide to help stop mould growth.

New Dulux Trade Weathershield Quick-Dry Exterior – the professional choice for exterior projects.

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New Dulux Trade Weathershield Quick-Dry Exterior Range – the benefits

WeatherShield Preservative Primer

Weathershield Preservative Primer

  • Helps promote adhesion on prepared, degraded wood
  • Penetrates into the wood seal to protect against water damage, decay and fungi
  • Only needed for softwood
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WeatherShield Preservative Primer

Weathershield Quick-Dry Exterior Flexible Undercoat

  • Excellent flexibility and adhesion on exterior woodwork
  • Moves with the wood to resist cracking and flaking
  • Provides good build and excellent opacity
  • Innovative water-based formula
  • Now more recommended tinted undercoats for optimum opacity
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WeatherShield Preservative Primer

Weathershield Quick Dry Exterior High Gloss

  • 8 years all-weather protection (previously 6 years)
  • Built-in fungicide for a long-lasting, clean look
  • High-gloss finish with improved gloss retention
  • Excellent adhesion and application – feels like an oil-based product
  • Ideal for use on wood, metal and hard plastics (gutters)
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Where to use Dulux Trade Weathershield Quick-Dry Exterior Range

More durable, so it’s better for your budget and the environment

Both Dulux Trade Weathershield Quick-Dry High Gloss and Flexible Undercoat are water-borne products that contain fewer VOCs than solvent-borne alternatives – making the range a more sustainable choice.

Reduce your environmental impact

New and improved Dulux Trade Weathershield Quick-Dry Exterior products keep exterior woodwork and metal looking better for longer.

This leads to longer maintenance cycles with less need for redecoration. By switching to new Dulux Trade Weathershield Quick-Dry, you’re helping to trim costs, minimise disruption and reduce your impact on the environment.

Dulux Trade is an industry leader in sustainability – protecting the future by acting today.

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Choose from thousands of colours

New and improved Dulux Trade Weathershield Quick-Dry Exterior High-Gloss gives you more colours than ever before – over 3,000 shades to choose from.


  • Why is it important to apply the full system?

    Applying the whole system ensures you get full depth of colour, durability, eight years of protection and the full high gloss sheen.

  • Is this product fully water-based?

    It’s an alkyd emulsion meaning it’s a water-based paint that acts like it’s solvent-based – higher sheen level, increased flow and increased levelling to reduce brush marks.

  • Can I use the product interior as well as exterior projects?

    No. The product is for exterior use only because it contains fungicide, which helps stop mould growth on the surface of the paint film.

  • How does it compare to its solvent-based alternative?

    Very well, both in the way it feels when applied and in the way that it looks. The improved sheen level – something water borne products don’t always deliver – is a particular strength.

  • Is it covered by the Dulux Promise?

    Yes, this product is protected by the Dulux Promise.

What’s the best way to prep the surface?


Look where the knots are and add two coats of knotting to those areas, being careful not to over apply. Make sure the surface is dust free and any obvious stains are removed. Sand down any sharp edges, then apply two coats of Preservative Primer, following the on-pack instructions.

Hardwood doors

While we don’t specify using Preservative Primer because the wood is so dense, it’s worth checking that there are no surface oils present. If there are, wipe away with a clean cloth and methylated spirits.

Previously painted surfaces

Wash down well with a sugar soap solution then make sure to rinse well with clean water. Once the surface is dry, abrade it either with power sanding or some hand sandpaper. This helps get rid of any blemishes or previous application marks and also provides a key so our water-based system can anchor to the surface.

Watch: How to prep

Learn how to prep your surface so it’s ready for using Dulux Trade Weathershield Quick-Dry Exterior High-Gloss.

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Watch: How to apply

Get a closer look at the in-can consistency, improved flow and adhesion of Dulux Trade Weathershield Quick-Dry Exterior High-Gloss.

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