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A flawless finish
made easy

Dulux Trade recommended products

We know that for decorating professionals, efficiency and a flawless finish are essential. Whether you’re painting indoors or outdoors, our sprayable paints are the ideal choice for decorating quickly with precision. On large areas like walls, use a large spray machine with your chosen sprayable wall paint, or invest in a smaller model for refreshing interior trim and intricate areas.

Whatever your level of expertise, the range of Dulux sprayable paint features products to suit any project, including sprayable emulsion paint and sprayable gloss paint in a range of shades. Wondering what the benefits of a spray machine are? Explore our spray machine guide for FAQs, tips and advice to help you find the best equipment for the job.

Dulux Trade Diamond Matt

A durable matt emulsion with stain repellent technology.
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Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt

A high-opacity emulsion with excellent coverage.
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Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell

A hard-wearing and long-lasting eggshell emulsion.
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Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood

A tough & durable water-based satin finish.
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Dulux Trade Quick Dry Gloss

A water-based high gloss, with a smooth finish.
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Dulux Trade Quick Dry Satinwood

A water-based satinwood for a mid sheen, modern look finish.
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Lift the lid on your potential

Courses in spray from introduction to advanced levels

Keep spray simple with Dulux Trade

Spraying is the quick and simple way to an even, flawless finish. It’s up to five times faster than using a traditional roller, allowing you to cover large areas quickly with an evenly distributed, uniform finish. With Dulux Trade, you will gain the best finish with less mess. Clean up takes less time, so that you’re free to move onto the next job.

I spray a whole host of Dulux Trade products, Trim and Emulsions. Spray is a great solution for domestic work when the project is suitable – the time saved and level of finish is unparalleled.

- Georgie Baker,
Baker’s Property Maintenance
Buying a good quality spray machine is a big investment but I guarantee it will pay for itself many times over due to the time saved applying paint in a conventional manner.

- Nigel Bennett,
Bennetts Decorating Services

Our spraying tips

The key to a flawless finish is a good spray pattern. To achieve this, we recommend:

Adjusting pressure

When spraying, use the lowest pressure needed to achieve a solid cross section of paint, without heavy edges. The wrong pressure can to lead to atmospheric overspray (high pressure) or a finish with heavy edges or tails (low pressure) in the spray pattern. See the table on the next page for our recommended pressure application per product.

Aiming the gun

For an even finish, aim the gun at the painting surface from 25 – 30cm away, ensuring that the tip is always parallel to the wall. Avoid tilting the gun up or down or fanning it from side to side.

Moving the gun

It’s important to sync the gun movement with the trigger activation to avoid a heavy covering. Pull the trigger once the gun is in motion, and release it while the gun is still moving, always keeping it parallel to the painting surface.