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What is Social Value?

Social value is the beneficial impact an organisation has on society, such as helping communities, the environment, and people. Whether it’s enhancing living spaces or supporting an individuals' employment opportunities, not all aspects of social value can be captured in market prices. Therefore it’s important to consider and measure social value from the perspective of those directly impacted by an organisation's initiatives.

In the public sector, social value heavily influences partner selection for contract fulfilment. Projects often involve community elements, requiring suppliers and contractors to contribute to enhancing local environments and empowering residents through various means like skill-building and employment opportunities.

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Why is Social Value important?

Social Value makes up to 30% of scoring for bids and tenders across multiple sectors. Trends indicate that with current economic uncertainty and budget cuts, this weighting will likely increase.

Social value shows the client the alignment across the entire supply chain and that they’re clear in the strategy to help communities.

Dulux Decorator Centre is actively participating in numerous community projects, totaling over £300k. We focus on ensuring transparency in showcasing the direct impact of our social value on local communities. Coupled with addressing labour shortages in the industry through VIY, our supply chain's commitment to social value not only focuses on greater investment but also focuses on collaboration with more local suppliers, thereby building a better community.

How Dulux Decorator Centre can help each sector

Social Housing

Dulux Decorator Centre can help to bring colour into people’s lives. Social projects come in many forms, but where decoration of housing takes place, we can support projects that benefit wider communities through rejuvenating play spaces, community centres and village halls which are often neglected. Decorated spaces are crucial because they can greatly impact an individual's mental wellbeing. Visually appealing environments contribute to a positive impression of an organisation or space, fostering a sense of pride and satisfaction among occupants or visitors.



We bring life to many areas of hospitals that house some of the most vulnerable patients. When a hospital undergoes major refurbishment works, areas such as children's wards, family rooms and hospice are often not in the scope of work. We look to brighten these spaces through colour and bring a positive feeling to those going through tough circumstances.


Property management

For property management, we can offer support in a similar way to Social Housing. However, this can be expanded to offering support in redecorating communal areas for residents who have elderly residents or disabilities in support housing schemes. 


In communities where large-scale properties are developed, significant attention is given to the impact on nearby residents. Most construction projects are required to have social initiatives, such as communal spaces, to enhance the well-being of local residents and workers. At Dulux Decorator Centre, we are able to offer support by providing paint that can brighten these spaces to enhance the impact these areas have on the community.

How it helps Contractors

  • Contractors are asking for suppliers to contribute the following in social value:

  • Commitment from their supply chain to contribute to their Social Value agreements mid contract

  • End to end support for the project through donation of product and items

  • Labour for project and specifications

  • Commitment from suppliers to partner on Social Value commitments while bidding

  • Community engagement

  • Talent to induct on to apprenticeships

  • Supplier links to client’s resident engagement team

  • Support outside of painting and decorating such as community hub group support, CV writing, life classes, help and support the local community

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Social Value Calculator

We can help contractors who don’t have social value teams to show and demonstrate how they have delivered on their commitments regionally. It will show the total social value output, Dulux Decorator Centres contribution to the total and by the client, LA and contractor.

How it can help clients

Social value is important to clients as it demonstrates their commitment to making a positive impact beyond financial gains. By prioritising social value, clients can improve their reputation, strengthen community relationships, and contribute to sustainable development. Additionally, focusing on social value can attract socially conscious consumers and investors, ultimately leading to long-term success and resilience for the client's organisation whilst supporting the local economy.

What Dulux Decorator Centre is doing to support

From sustainability to health and wellbeing, here are some projects we have been involved in:

VIY – Empowering Youth Through Trade Skills

Working with VIY has been a fantastic cross-sector partnership for Dulux Decorator Centre, as we’ve helped teach young people trade skills whilst revitalising local community spaces.

In many regions across the UK, a significant number of young people find themselves not in education, employment, training, or are at risk of falling into this category. VIY recognises the potential for these individuals, and with the help of Dulux Decorator Centre has been able to support them develop their skills and be mentored by professional tradespeople.

By utilising these newfound skills, individuals are challenged to help fix local community spaces and places in need of essential repairs and improvements.

This partnership demonstrates an impactful approach to addressing youth unemployment and community rejuvenation. Through mentorship, skill-building, and community engagement, young people are empowered to realise their potential and future careers, while making fantastic contributions to the areas in which they live.

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Crash - Creating Safe Spaces for Vulnerable Communities

CRASH, the construction industry's charity, lends assistance to homelessness and hospice organisations by aiding in their construction projects, thereby establishing environments that provide care for individuals during their most vulnerable times. Dulux Decorator Centre proudly collaborates with CRASH, offering support for multiple construction projects annually.

Throughout the UK, numerous organisations that support communities and individuals in need face challenges in maintaining their buildings and facilities. These spaces serve as vital sanctuaries for countless individuals, significantly influencing their health and well-being. Through this partnership, we take pride in aiding CRASH's endeavour to revitalise these environments, creating spaces that positively impact communities and offer crucial support to individuals.

Community Repaint - Brightening Communities

Community Repaint enhances the life of many communities by collecting leftover paint and redistributing it, enabling low-income households to decorate their homes and help their overall health and wellbeing. For over 25 years, Dulux Decorator Center has been a product partner with the charity, working with local authorities, manufacturers, retailers, business and housing associations across the UK.

Annually, an estimated 50 million litres of paint goes to waste, however through this project we are helping to reduce and repurpose leftover paint, helping the environment and positively impacting people's lives through colour.

As of 2024, 369,807 litres of paint has been redistributed, meaning 388,501 individuals and families have had their spaces brightened due to this fantastic partnership.