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Take advantage of our in-person services

At Dulux Decorator Centre, we believe that working together, in-person or virtually, is a really important element of any professional relationship, and key to running a successful project. It’s why we have 40 employees across the UK available to work with you, in-person virtually or face-to-face, at various stages of your project.

Specification Development Manager, Gary Johnston, explains that one of the benefits to face-to-face meetings, is ensuring that the right products are being used from the start, to provide the best performance, durability and ultimately, final result. They’re the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions, get expert advice and to discuss previous experience on similar projects. Plus, you can colour match any item you have right there and then, with an expert eye.

Training and tools

If you’re interested in face-to-face training, our teams run RIBA CPD sessions and Specification Toolbox Training both in-person or remotely. With sustainability being a top priority, we can discuss the big benefits of more environmentally friendly options for both your business, your clients, and the planet, too. Advisors can also visit you on-site to complete a specification and provide you with useful tools, such as a Dulux Trade fandeck.

Bespoke specifications

If you’re working on a project in sectors such as healthcare, we’re able to offer bespoke and proven specifications. Meeting with us face-to-face allows us to talk you through colour palettes designed specifically for certain sectors, explain how colour impacts environments, and discuss  issues which need to be taken into account. We can share with you details of previous specifications and explore how to get the most value from the specification. Visiting the site of these projects is beneficial as we’re able to see what product and finish is needed and what has been used previously to ensure the right products are used.

As Department of Education approved specifiers, we’re also the perfect people to work with you on any projects in the education sector. We’re currently working with a specifier on a project across 44 schools, advising them on the most durable products.

Let’s set a date

Whatever stage you’re at in your project, you could benefit from an expert by your side to help you choose the optimal products that will get you the best results. Why not get in touch today to arrange a meeting?

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