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Introducing Dulux Trade Sterishield Diamond

In busy environments, such as, hospitals and restaurants or more specialist environments such as food preparation areas, fingers, liquids and vapors can frequently reach walls. This can encourage the spread of germs. Dulux Trade Sterishield Diamond has been designed to help counter this.

Dulux Trade Sterishield Diamond has the power to inhibit bacterial growth, preventing the spread of germs while being able to withstand the regular cleaning needed due to COVID-19.

The Sterishield Diamond Range

Sterishield Diamond Matt

Sterishield Diamond Matt

A quick drying, water-based coating containing an in-film Silver Bactericide, which inhibits bacteria and reduces populations of MRSA and E.coli. It is a tough, scrubbable, durable, stain-resistant matt emulsion.

Sterishield Diamond Eggshell

Sterishield Diamond Eggshell

A quick drying, water-based coating containing an in-film Silver Bactericide, which inhibits bacteria and reduces populations of MRSA and E.coli. It is a tough,washable, durable, mid-sheen emulsion which is four times tougher than Sterishield Diamond Matt

Dulux Trade Sterishield Paints

Key Benefits

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    Reduces bacteria in just 2 hours
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    Ideal in high use areas that need regular cleaning
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    Finish and anti-bacterial effectiveness withstand repeated cleaning, extending maintenance cycles
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    Suitable for use with approved NHS cleaning regime
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    Available in washable finishes, stain resistant Diamond Matt or Durable Eggshell
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    Water-based and non-hazardous
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A Wide Range of Applications


  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Doctor's surgeries

Industrial & Commercial

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Food preparation and eating areas
  • Catering and kitchen operations


  • Nursing home, prisons, residential centres
  • Local authority and housing association properties
  • Hotels and holiday villages

Sterishield Diamond Testing

Sterishield Diamond is the result of an intensive and rigorous research and testing programme and tests show it is proven to enhance the reduction of bacterial populations within 12 hours of contamination.

The following graphs demonstrate the dramatic rate of decline of the bacteria population on Sterishield Diamond compared with standard paint under the same test conditions.

MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus)

A portion of the population carries this bacterium without any issues, however the infection can be spread to vulnerable patients. MRSA has proven to be resistant to Penicillin and Methicillin and strains have created major problems in hospitals where it can be a threat to patients’ lives.

E. coli

Most strains of E.coli are harmless with the exception of strains such as E.coli 0157 which can cause health problems if ingested in small amounts.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Highly resistant to antibiotics, Pseudomonas aeruginosa thrives in many different environments and can cause disease in susceptible individuals.

Independently tested under simulated 'real life' conditions

All tests were carried out by an independent laboratory using a novel procedure based on the Japanese Industrial Standard 'Test for Anti-microbial Activity & Efficacy' (JIS Z 2801: 2000).

The novelty lies in the development of a 'real-life' test procedure created to assess how long bacteria can survive on a paint film surface under ambient temperature and humidity conditions (20°C and 65% RH) for 24 hours.

How effective is Sterishield Diamond?

Very. Sterishield Diamond is proven to inhibit the growth of Microbes by up to 99.9%

Does Sterishield Diamond need to be applied differently from the rest of your paint range?

No. Sterishield Diamond is applied exactly the same as the rest of our emulsion paints.

Is Sterishield Diamond effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

Yes. Sterishield Diamond has been proven to be effective to antibiotic resistant bacteria such as resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE).

Is Sterishield Diamond safe?

Yes. It is based on silver ion technology recognised for centuries with no harmful effects.

How long does the Silver Bactericide in Sterishield Diamond last?

The Silver bactericide is effective for the lifetime of the paint. It is built in and doesn’t wear off or leach out.

Does Sterishield Diamond protect against Covid-19?

Our Sterishield Diamond range protects against bacteria, complementing hygiene in critical environments. Bacteria and viruses are very different. A virus requires a living host in order to multiply, whereas bacteria doesn't. Our paint substrate isn’t a suitable host for virus and hence it will not be able to multiply. Viruses can stay active for a few hours on a substrate, and the main way to get rid of them is cleaning the affected area with soap and water. Soap is the best way to 'kill' Corona virus as COVID 19 has a lipid envelope (fat membrane) and soap will dissolve the fat membrane. Once the fat membrane is gone, the virus will then break apart and become inactive. Although efficacy against viruses has not been directly demonstrated, a cleaner surface with reduced levels of bacteria could offer a benefit against bacteriophage which are bacteria eating virus.

How can I get more information?

Please contact project.support@akzonobel.com and we will get in touch.

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