Customer Service - Account Management

Your Dulux Decorator Centre trade account

If you have opened a trade account with us, you can access your pricelist online and view your invoices and delivery notes as you need them. If is it a credit account, you can put orders on your account to the value of your credit limit, within the boundaries of the credit terms.

We offer 3 types of accounts, depending on your needs and type of business. These are shown in the table below.


If you open a trade account with us, we will assign you a pricing architecture appropriate to your requirements. If you wish to discuss your price list, or wish for an account review, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Service Team who will be happy to arrange a discussion.

Premium Account

DDC360 Account

DDC Connect Subscription

Who is it for?

Professional decorators

Professional Painting contractors

National contractors

Is credit included?

If required



Direct debit required




Annual charges




Specific requirements

Must be DDC360 account holder to join

Pricing terms

Discuss with store or sales manager

Discuss with store or sales manager

Discuss with store or sales manager

Complaint handling

We will always do our best to ensure you have positive and supportive experiences when you’re working with us. But, in case there is a time when you wish to complain, we have created a Complaint Handling Statement to explain what to do, where to go and how we’ll handle your problem.