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The Dulux Trade Lifecycle Tool supports project specifications by giving you the bigger picture, helping you identify the most cost-effective approach for your project.

By selecting and comparing different products over an extended period, up to 30 years, clear visuals show the impact of expected product lifetimes on cost and carbon footprint, allowing you to find the most appropriate choice for your project.

Whether your client wants to lengthen maintenance cycles or repaints regularly to change and refresh the colour scheme, this tool can help you value-engineer your paint specification to suit.

For projects involving schools, offices, hospitals, or other commercial sectors, our lifecycle costing tool helps you evaluate and determine the right products for your needs.

And by recommending the right products, you can contribute towards your client’s procurement, efficiency and sustainability targets.

Ask for a demonstration

Ask your AkzoNobel representative to demonstrate impact over 30 years

using the Lifecycle tool. By comparing paint systems, paint lifecycle costs and other product properties over a 30-year lifecycle, it can help you provide a value-engineered solution. This in turn could help your client save money, extend maintenance cycles, and reduce and environmental impact.

Walk away with a bespoke evaluation

Get in touch with your account manager for a bespoke lifecycle costing evaluation. This provides a detailed breakdown of expected cost and carbon saving, so you can make confident recommendations to your clients.

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