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The Dulux Trade Colour Sensor is an accurate colour matching tool for your specification needs, giving you a truly personal service.

It’s a compact and lightweight colour scanner device that finds the nearest colour from the Dulux Trade palette to any solid surface. Measure walls, accessories and other items at home, in your office or on-site and get an instant match for your project.

The colour sensor is easy to use and pairs seamlessly with the Dulux Trade Expert app. It lets you check which products are available in the chosen colour and save all this information to a product folder on the app.

Accurate colour matching in 3 steps


Order online or pick up the Dulux Trade Colour Sensor at your nearest Dulux Decorator Store.


Download the Dulux Trade Expert app for FREE to your iOS or Android device. You’ll need this to operate the Colour Sensor later.


Use the Dulux Trade Colour Sensor to scan any solid object or surface and get an accurate colour reading and nearest colour match in seconds. We do recommend always viewing the suggested colour match in the Dulux Trade fandeck or ordering a sample from your local Dulux Decorator Centre store.

See the paint colour matcher in action

FAQs: Dulux Trade Colour Sensor

  • Will I get accurate colour matching?

    The Dulux Trade Colour Sensor is more than 90% accurate, which means the closest match is within the first 3 suggested colours in more than 90% of cases.

  • Is my device compatible with the Dulux Trade Expert app?

    The Dulux Trade Expert app is compatible with Android version 6 and above, and iOS version 11 and above, and requires Bluetooth version 4 or above to link to the Colour Sensor.

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