Episode 2: Big bedroom transformations in Bedworth

No time to rest this week as Michaela Sharp and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen take on two bedroom transformations.

Michaela channels her Abstract Artist

Perhaps the prettiest colour pallet you ever did see was expertly crafted by Michaela to create this enchanting bedroom.

The colours Deep Aubergine, Acai Berry and Golden Sands were used to breathe new life into woodwork – such as the wardrobe, radiator cover, desk, mirror and picture frames – and turn them into features in their own right.

Of course, painting the walls Nutmeg white, and lining the ceiling with pretty patterned wallpaper turned the transformation on its head, really adding that wow factor to the room. You can find similar designs to the one in this week’s show in our extensive wallpaper range.

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Paint colours used:
Nutmeg White
Deep Aubergine
Acai Berry
Indigo Shade
Golden Sands

Michaela’s before and after...

LLB’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s bold blue bedroom has quite an impact! Dulux’s Pen Friend is a true classic blue, that’s been made to feel quite opulent when paired with stunning stencilling in another classic, Pure Brilliant White.

It’s amazing the designs that can be created with a paint pen and stencils. In this case, it gives the illusion of intricate panelling, which is still a big trend right now.

Of course, Laurence has put his own stamp on what could have been simple shelving, and created a colourful faux bookcase. All you need is a selection of contrasting colours, and a little imagination to upcycle standard shelves.

Paint colours used:
Pen Friend
Pure Brilliant White

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s before and after...

Week 2 Weekend Project: Stencilling

Could paint stencilling be part of your next client project? Watch for some speedy tips!

Stencilling is an easy way to add a unique touch to any design – will you give it a go?