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Why choose Hammerite?

For the paint that is a metal specialist and can go straight on the job, this brand ensures the 3-in-1 formula can be applied directly onto metal without any need for a primer. This special solution makes metal look beautiful and protects it for the future.

For longer lasting colour that can cover the tough material of metal, lasting up to 8 years, Hammerite is the go-to product for this. The carefully crafted formula can make doors, gates and gardens look attractive. For a flawless and long lasting finish that can paint and protect!
Hammerite is trusted brand that bosts practical specialist paint for metal, that guarantees a professional finish. 

Choose Hammerite for:

  • Long lasting protection
  • Longer lasting colour
  • Straight on the job
  • Pleasing paint jobs on gardens, gates and fences
  • Professional finish
  • Specialist formula

Ensure your garden furniture, garage doors or metal features have a long lasting aesthetically pleasing finish, browse the Hammerite collection by clicking here.
Download the Hammerite brochure