Why choose Aristospray?

Aristospray products are designed to support the needs of mobile decorators who tend to work on spray jobs on a regular basis.

The Aristospray technique uses optimum filtering to ensure fewer strokes per litre making for a longer lasting, professional finish that consequently saves on money. That’s why Aristospray scores so highly in customer satisfaction rates. The products are compatible with a variety of branded turbines and require little movement of units, making the job efficient and effective.

A superior finish

With celebrated experience in interior joinery spraying, and superior finish to gloss and varnish work, Aristospray is an excellent supplier choice.

Choose Aristospray for:

  • Professional and tradesman quality equipment
  • Daily spraying
  • Mobility
  • Long lasting results
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Less downtime, more profitability
  • High volumes of paint
  • Low pressure

Be sure to make the most out of your tools, maximising on efficiency, professionalism and quality. 
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