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By Dulux Decorator Centre on 05 November 2021 in Paint

Discover the difference between eggshell vs satin and eggshell vs gloss for your woodwork

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When it comes to redecorating, most people tend to focus on their walls. But as you know, giving some love to the woodwork can really accentuate the qualities of each room in the home. Windowsills and frames, skirting boards and doorframes... giving them a coat of paint can really tie a room together. This is even easier now you can tint Heritage eggshell in store.

A lot of people gravitate towards eggshell paint for wood. After all, eggshell isn’t quite as glossy as silk or satin paint. It’s an inbetweener. Decorators tell us they like it because it lends a room a really elegant and classic finish.

This is particularly the case with Dulux Heritage Eggshell. It’s a washable and durable paint designed to give your client’s woodwork and metal a smooth, low-sheen finish. It’s formulated with premium pigments to guarantee you get an excellent depth of colour. And if your client asks, does eggshell paint need a primer, it’s worth knowing that it’s Dulux Heritage Eggshell is actually self-undercoating, so you can get a great finish from just two coats. No wonder so many people eggshell paint for skirting boards – it’s both quick and easy to apply!

Here are 4 simple ways you can give a gorgeous Heritage finish to the interior woodwork in your client’s home:

Tie the room together using similar colours on the walls and woodwork

You tend to think of whites as being striking and crisp, maybe slightly cool. But actually, if you go for a gentler white, you can get a simple, clean look that has warmth too. Here, we went for Romney Wool on the walls with China White on the door and window frames. Painting similar colours round the doors and windows helps the room feel bright and breezy. Yet at the same time, there’s a hint of yellow in China White, which accentuates the sunshine spilling in from outside.

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Don’t be afraid to suggest adding colour to the woodwork

Cool eggshell colours like blue are great for giving your client’s space a classic and calm vibe. Blue is a colour most of us feel comfortable around, making it a good choice if your client is looking to create a room for working in.

Here’s a tonal combination we think works really well. We teamed DH Oxford Blue, on the walls, with Deep Ultramarine on the door. Opting for a blue door over a white one helps it subtly standout, without taking away from the feel of the room. The result is a space which feels classic and modern at the same time. Furnish with a 60s-style desk and chair and you have the ultimate contemporary office or study.

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Go for eggshell on the furniture for a chic contrast

There’s no rule that says you have to limit your use of eggshell paint to doors and window frames. In fact, for a really striking look, it’s worth considering taking it a step further and painting your furniture too. For example, here we started by painting the walls in silky soft Potters Pink, which we then echoed in our choice of throws and soft furnishings. Yet, what really makes the room sing is the contrast between Potters Pink and Mud Lark, which we used on the panelling and wardrobes. It’s a beautiful deep brown, which recalls the sturdiness of tree trunks, lending the room a timeless, luxurious feel. Heritage Eggshell paint is for wood, so it lends a truly elegant finish to your client’s furniture.

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Add character to your client’s home by painting the panelling

What is eggshell paint best used for? Right now, we’d say trying out the latest interior trends! If your client wants to go a for a country cottage style in their home, then painting the panelling in eggshell is good starting point. What’s great is that it gives your room instant character. Plus, if you select the right paint combination, you can add even more interest. Here we’ve gone for Pumice Brown, which is a warm neutral eggshell colour with soft pink undertones. Notice how it gives the room a real sense of history, which we’ve counterbalanced with the more Modernist lighting and furniture.

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If you’ve decided that Dulux Heritage Eggshell paint is the perfect choice for your client’s home, explore the full range of classic Dulux Heritage colours here. And don’t forget you can always visit your local Dulux Decorator Centre store for more in-depth colour advice about Dulux Heritage and get your Heritage Eggshell paint tinted here too! Find your closest store here.

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