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We are dedicated to
help you switch to

Water-based paints

 on quality

Although we supply everything you need for decorating, from brushes to masking tape, supplying high quality decorative paint remains at the very core of what we do. As an industry, one way we can make a big change is moving to water-based paints as solvent-based paints generally have more of a carbon footprint and have a negative impact on air quality. Our guiding principle is to work with manufacturers to provide water-based alternatives that perform as well or better than solvent-based paints – helping make the switch as easy as possible.

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We will support
you to


the overall number of
 empty cans
 we recycle

 by end of 2025

95% of empty paint cans currently end up in landfill or are being burnt for energy recovery after use. We can change that by improving our free of charge empty can recycling service to make it easier for you to divert your empty cans away from going to waste and boost our industry’s recycling rate.

*From baseline 2022 data, tripled by the end of 2025.

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We commit to
positively impact


 of the UK population
by 2030 through decorating community  spaces and with training

People and communities are a crucial element of sustainability, and at Dulux Decorator Centre we want to support people through challenging times and give opportunities to the next generation. With this ambition we focus on improving and creating community spaces, giving people access to donated paint, upskilling people and providing the opportunity for training and new careers. 1% of the UK population represents 680,000 people in the UK and we are committed to positively impacting their lives through a variety of these initiatives.

**1% (680,000) of the UK population from baseline 2023 data.