Customer Service - Colour Cards

Our Colour Cards 

All our colours are available to view online, you can find them here.

You can change the colour card you're viewing by clicking the 'collection' drop down, you will see it is set to Dulux Trade Pro Colour Guide as default.

Some of our popular colour cards are:
  • Dulux Heritage
  • Colour Wall In-store
  • Colour Palette Fan Deck

Colour Mixing

All of our UK stores offer full-colour mixing, it's available via ordering online & visiting the store. This is open to all customers, and you do not have to have a trade account to benefit.

Colour Matching & Scanning

All of our UK stores also offer magic eye colour scanning capabilities. This means you can bring in a colour sample of your choice and we will try to find the nearest Dulux colour recipe

For the best results, follow the below guidelines:

  • Painted on a hard/solid surface - a piece of drywall, wood, plaster etc. (something flat is best)
  • Bigger than a 10p coin - our machines use magic eye technology, and if the colour is too small, it may blend other colours.
  • Make sure if you're bringing in a sample, that the paint is NOT wet, as this will alter the colour of the finish.

Although these are just guidelines, we will try our best to match colours in whichever way shape or form they are brought into us, although as a buyer you will have to approve the final result.