Why choose Repair Care?

Standing for complete and thorough solutions for timber restoration and maintenance, Repair Care are dedicated to providing their customers with the best quality products, advice and care. Whether your timber is damaged, decaying or simply in need of a little care, Repair Care is the answer.

Here at Dulux Decorator Centre we partner with you to ensure we provide the best products from the best brands. We provide quality products such as those from Repair Care, from brands who are committed to you, the customer.

Cost effective joinery restoration

Choose Repair Care for the finest quality, sustainable wood repair. Fix, fill and repair any wood or timber throughout your home internally and externally, leaving you with a long lasting, professional standard finish.

Here are just a few reasons to choose Repair Care

  • Permanent wood repair
  • Use throughout the home from window panes to furniture
  • Cheaper and easier than replacing wood
  • Perfect for a quick, emergency repair
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Ready to use quickly
  • A variety of products to suit every job
  • Treat just like wood: sand, saw, nail, paint or stain
Find more information on our product pages and find the Repair Care product that’s right for your job.
Download the Repair Care brochure

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