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Specialist primers, paints and woodcare since 1894

dining table - Danish Oil
front door
star Popularexterior varnish

Blackfriar Exterior Varnish

available in 500ml, 1l and 2.5L

Why choose Blackfriar?

For over a hundred years, Blackfriar has been producing a range of high-quality specialist woodcare paints and varnishes. With enriching colour and protection, Blackfriar products guarantee a beautiful finishes and lasting results.

 As a Blackfriar paint stockist, we have a range of Blackfriar varnishes and paints, including their specialist paint range. This includes their Blackfriar radiator paint, which is heat resistant, as well as their anti-slip and line-marking products.

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star Popularexterior varnish

Blackfriar Polyurethane Varnish

available in 500ml, 1l, 2.5l
varnish chair
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A tradition of excellence, since 1894 – the Blackfriar brand has been making its mark on the paints and varnishes industry for over one hundred years.

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coffee tables