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Living Room, Kitchen & Hallway Wallpaper: What Do They Say About You?

Like paint colours, wallpaper styles can say a lot about your personality. Whether you’re adventurous or laidback, social or reserved, when it comes to choosing the right wallpaper, your choice should reflect who you are and the mood you want to create in your home.

One of the great things about wallpaper is that it’s such a versatile way to decorate. And you don’t have to stick to just one, you can switch wallpaper styles from room to room.

Yet, with so many colours and patterns to choose from, it can be challenging to whittle them down. So, we’ve created this handy guide to help you find living room wallpaper, kitchen wallpaper or hallway wallpaper that speaks to you.

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How to choose a wallpaper design by colour


This is the perfect palette if you consider yourself a laidback person. Inspired by the ocean and the sky, blues are naturally soothing colours. For example, blue living room wallpaper can evoke a sense of calm and help you to unwind.


Refreshing, reinvigorating and rejuvenating. Greens should be your go-to shade if you have an adventurous character. Particularly, as greens represent the great outdoors. Why not bring the outside in with green kitchen wallpaper?


If you’re an optimistic person, cheer up your surroundings with yellow wallpaper. This shade is full of life and positivity. A yellow kitchen wallpaper, for example, will bring happiness to the heart of your home.


Reflect your passionate, fiery personality with red wallpaper. Red is a powerful colour, so instead of overwhelming your space, create a feature wall that injects a burst of energy into your space.


If you’re a self-assured person who doesn’t need to show off, you’re probably drawn to neutral tones. Creams, browns, greys, blacks and whites, choose these fuss-free, minimal shades for your hallway wallpaper and set the rest of your home.

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How to choose a wallpaper design by pattern


If you love to be surrounded by nature, floral living room wallpaper is the perfect pick for you. These delicate, feminine designs give a nod to the country cottage style and create a relaxing feeling in your home.


Damask wallpaper styles have been favourites for centuries and are just as popular today, albeit with a more contemporary edge. If you want to add grandeur and elegance to your space, you’ll find lots of statement-making designs in our wallpaper range.


Bring out your playful side with geometric wallpaper. In your living room, kitchen or hallway, have fun hanging up these bold shapes and vibrant hues. They’re a great way to convey a sense of humour, too!


If you’re more on the reserved side, why not create a classic look with striped or checked wallpaper? Whether you choose a statement design or something more subtle and sophisticated, this pattern will never go out of style.

In our Wallpaper Hub, we’ve made choosing the right wallpaper for your home easy. Just shop by colour or pattern.

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