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Purdy Monarch Elite Brush Pack (Monspec)

Purdy XL Monarch Elite paint brushes are handcrafted and traditional style with a stainless steel ferrule and soft brush filaments. Purdy monarch elite brushes are ideal for either interior and exterior use and have excellent cutting or detail control.
Box Set - 1 x 1.5", 1 x 2" & 1 x 3"
• The monarch elite brushes feature blends of Dupont, Chinex, Orel and Polyester solid round tapered filaments, this unique Chinex characteristics allow filaments to self flag as the brush wears.
• The combined filament result is greater paint loading with a smooth application, high abrasion resistance, and significantly faster cleaning times.
• Ideal for use with all paints, especially high-solid, low VOC paints and heavy bodied latex coatings.
• Pack contents 1x 1.5", 1x 2" and 1x 3" paint brushes.