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Water Based Products

Finish faster for less

Here at Dulux Decorator Centre, we aim to be there for you on every job, giving you the know-how, tools and products to enhance the work you do for your customers, boosting your business and leading you towards a brighter future.

That's the reason we provide you with the newest products, which use the latest technologies and best ever formulations, to ensure you can work efficiently and effectively to deliver the results your customers demand.

The Future Is Water-Based

Quick dry undercoat
Quick dry gloss
Quick dry Satinwood
We're sure you'll agree that time is valuable in our industry - that's why water-based trim products, with their quicker drying times - have become increasingly popular in the trade. But you'll probably also agree that many of the products available compromise on top coat finish, with lower sheen levels and a higher likelihood of brush marks.

We know that for you - and your customers - this kind of compromise isn't an option. That's why we have introduced Dulux Trade Quick Dry - a new water-based trim paints range that delivers productivity and a high-quality, professional finish.

For the first time, you'll be able to work faster to achieve a finish that mimics the high sheen and flowout properties of traditional solvent-based products. Other benefits include:
  • Enhancing the working environment, due to lower VOCs and minimal odour
  • Similar application properties to solvent-based products
  • Customers can return to the site on the same day as application
  • Durability
  • Beautiful, professional finish
Guide: Prepare and Apply

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