Tesa Precision Masking Tape 38mm Value Pack

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Tessa precise edge indoor masking tape and indoor precision sensitive low tack tape. Promo pack: 2 yellow and 1 pink tape
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• Pack contains: 2 yellow and 1 pink tape

Precise edge Indoor masking tape (yellow):
• Indoor masking (up to 6 months) and outdoor masking for up to 8 weeks
• For high quality painting and lacquering work
• For smooth and slightly textured surfaces
• Razor sharp paint edges
• For spray painting and oven drying up to 120 degrees Celsius/30 minutes

Indoor Precision Sensitive Low tack tape (pink):

• For masking of highly-sensitive and critical surfaces (example - wallcoverings, wallpapers, lacquered surfaces)
• For smooth and slightly textured surfaces
• Indoor masking
• Razor sharp paint edge
• No paint bleed
Technical/Safety Info.
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