Repair Care Dry Flex 16

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Elastic repair compound for large timber repairs and splicing (paintable after 16 hours*). Ideal for the permanent repair of decayed and damaged wood. Suitable for large repairs and projects without time constraints
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• Elastic repair compound for large timber repairs and splicing (paintable after 16 hours*).
• Quick emergency repair of damaged wood.
• Easy filling of cracks, gaps and construction joints.
External and internal applications.
* Typical curing time for a repair 1cm thick applied at 20ºC. Temperature and humidity may affect curing times.
• Pre-treatment: DRY FIX® 16
• Application period (after mixing): 1.5 – 2 hours (at 20ºC)
• Includes: 300 ml component A (colour: green) & 100 ml component B (colour: transparent).

Barcode - 8714748004283

Repair Care Dry Flex 16 Instructions

1 - Remove all decayed wood and pre-treat with DRY FIX® 16.
2 - Dispense DRY FLEX® 16 on to the mixing plate with the EASY•Q™ dosing gun (with the tab in the rear position).
3 - Mix components A (green) and B (transparent) with a Filling Knife until a homogeneous colour is reached.
4 - Spread the mixed DRY FLEX® 16 in a thin layer over the mixing plate (to extend the application period).
5 - Apply DRY FLEX® 16 and immediately remove excess product.
6 - When cured, sand the surface lightly before applying a paint or stain.stain.
Technical/Safety Info.
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