Natural, versatile wood needs extra special care to bring out the beauty and keep it looking good. But with so many superb products in stock from leading brands like Dulux Trade, Cuprinol and Sikkens, it's often hard to know what’s best for your next project. Talk to our experts and you're definitely barking up the right tree!

Interior Woodcare

Beautiful, durable, practical ways to pamper and protect interior woodwork from Dulux Trade and Sikkens.

  • Clear

    Fabulously flexible yet hard-wearing finishes that let the beauty of wood shine through.

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  • Stain

    Perfect for a water-repellent satin finish that protects and enhances.

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  • Varnish

    Wood flooring? Dulux Trade Diamond Glaze walks all over conventional varnishes.

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  • Specialist

    However demanding there is always a Dulux trade or Sikkens product to help protect and enhance inerior wood surfaces.

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Exterior Woodcare

Home, garden, landscape - wherever wood goes, our comprehensive product range follows. From Dulux Trade Weathershield, Sikkens and Cuprinol we've got everything you need to treat, preserve, protect and bring out the beauty. And we've got woodcare experts in every store.

  • House

    A house's exterior woodwork needs the very best care, and your local store is where it has its home.

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  • Landscape and Garden

    Rough sawn or smooth planed, if it's landscape timber, decking or fencing, we've got the quality formulation from Dulux Trade or Cuprinol to protect it from the elements and keep it smiling through the seasons.

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Treatment & Fillers

Filling, protecting, preserving from rot and infestation - right here is where you'll find the ideal Dulux Trade or Cuprinol solution for all the toughest jobs in exterior timber care.

  • Wood Filler

    Cuprinol, Dulux Trade, Polycell - the famous names tell you all you need to know about our killer range of exterior timber fillers.

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  • Wood Treatment

    Rot, infestation, decay, degradation - bad things can happen to wood, and our range of treatments from Cuprinol and Phoenix is here to stop them happening.

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