Paint Rollers, Sleeves & Poles

For fast and even coverage, whilst keeping full control of your work in your hands, paint rollers are the answer. Paint rollers are designed to help with efficiency when decorating and ensuring the job is to a high professional standard all whilst being easy to manage when it comes to application. With a mixture of your skills and a good sturdy paint roller, your job will be complete in no time!

We have professional products specifically suited for certain jobs, from wood stain, gloss, solvents, varnish and water-based paints, or rollers best for rough surfaces or for minimal splatter. Why not add our No-nonsense 4" gloss roller 5 pack to your kit? Or our 9" emulsion roller that will give a perfect application. For versatility and efficiency, you can extend your roller with our roller poles to get to those hard-to-reach places. You can also switch up your frame depending on the size of your chosen roller.
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