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About the scheme

Dulux believes in the power of colour and is committed to making a positive difference to people's lives

2013 was a great year for the Let’s colour projects as Dulux continued to add colour to people’s lives up and down the county. In 2013 there were:

  • 117 Projects completed
  • 250,000 lives coloured

This year the Let's Colour Project is looking to colour Schools and Nurseries, Community Centres, Sports Clubs and Charities.

If you have a space that could do with a splash of colour why not join in by nominating a project? By entering, you could receive the paint you need to transform your space for free. Apply online here

The scheme. which initially launched back in 2000, allows us to give something back to the communities we serve - from schools to animal sanctuaries and churches to charities.

To date, we have given away almost half a million pounds worth of decorating products and we're not stopping there!

Got an idea? Can you think of a project within your local community that could benefit from a lick of paint? Renovation plans? Facilities need brightening up?

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Terms and conditions of entry

In order to be eligible for a donation through the Dulux Let's Colour Project, leaders must agree to the following conditions:

  • If the project has appeared in any local media, this should be disclosed to TPR before any paint is donated
  • Projects must include colours in the makeover. Whites and neutrals can be used, but only in conjunction with other colours and on a small area of the overall design
  • Paint and materials must be collected within two weeks of the notified collection date and work must be carried out within two months from the project being accepted
  • Project leaders must submit 'after' shots of the project within one week of completion
  • Projects must be progressed on a weekly basis and project leaders must be available for contact each week throughout the duration of the project
  • Project leaders must allow TPR to handle all media activity and should not approach local media regarding the donation without liaising with TPR
  • Any third parties associated with the donations are not permitted to carry out any media activity without TPR’s approval

By agreeing to the above, you comply with the terms and conditions. Note, any non compliance may result in project leaders having to pay for the materials donated by Dulux Let’s Colour Project.