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A new colour scheme is the simplest, most effective way to transform a space in any building - yet it can bring so much more. We all enjoy being in places that are interesting, vibrant and make us feel secure. Thoughtful colour and design helps create these kind of positive spaces.

Dulux Trade has a suite of colour support options that can help your clients find the perfect colours, whether for a single wall or a whole building. From the Colour Sensor that makes it quick and easy to match colours on existing surfaces or a client’s logo, to the Colour Schemer tool that allows users to select or create sector specific colour schemes and moodboards, plus our apps that offer inspiration and visualization.

As well as our bespoke colour services, you can access a range of Dulux Trade colour

resources to help you feel more confident about achieving the right result for your project.

There are over 2000 colours in the Dulux Trade Colour Palette fandeck and 1000s more available to mix. Each one is coded using our intuitive colour palette system, which makes it simpler to design in accordance with visual contrast guidelines. Plus, our innovative colour match technology gives you a precision match every time.  

Find the right colour for your next project with our colour services team.  

Dulux Colour of the Year 2024

Sweet Embrace™, a gentle and affectionate hue that, when combined with its three complementing palettes, can assist you in crafting a space that you or your client will adore.

A guide for specifiers

In this useful guide, our commercial colour services team explain how our Colour of the Year 2024, Sweet Embrace™, can work in combination with other colours, creating spaces that feel both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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