Heart Wood

Colour of the Year 2018

We're proud to name Heart Wood as the nation's favourite colour! Indulge in a smoky warm neutral with a hint of heather…

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The Heart Wood Home

Heart Wood

Heart Wood Dining Room

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Inspired by the nourishing warmth of wood and tactile comfort of leather - discover more about Heart Wood and why so many people are choosing it for their walls.

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The Comforting Home

Coral Charm

Comforting Home Kitchen
Comforting Home Living Room
Comforting Home Sitting Area

The Heart Wood Home palette

This palette is perfectly suited to residential projects. It channels the current commercial interest in the colour pink and presents it as an accessible set of almost-neutrals.

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The Comforting Home palette

This palette is even more about shutting out the noise and creating restorative rooms that revolve around finding balance.

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The Inviting Home palette

This one shows an easy use of colour. Cool shades of blue encourage a clear-headed approach to life, while easy-going neutrals and sea-green support a need for connection.

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The Playful Home palette

Drawing Heart Wood, into sunny and warm territory with pops of fresh colour to add a sense of fun and energy to your rooms...

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The Inviting Home

Steel Symphony 3

Inviting Home Desk
Inviting Home Living Room
Inviting Home Bathroom

The Playful Home

Fresh Artichoke

Playful Home Living Room
Playful Home Bedroom
Playful Home Dining Room

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