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Toupret Fibacryl Exterior Filler

Why choose Toupret?

Toupret is a specialist manufacturer of professional fillers with over 80 years’ experience of making products for the Decorating and Building markets around the world.

Toupret is a leader in the market for high performance fillers aimed at the Professional.

Toupret offers a complete range of filler products for background preparation in all types of renovation and refurbishment work - filling, levelling, skimming, and surface finishing on all types of substrates:

  • Interior fillers
  • Exterior fillers
  • General purpose fillers
  • Wood fillers

Toupret fillers are known for giving better results first time. Under normal conditions substrates don’t need to be primed before application and they do not flash or grin.

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General Purpose

Jointing, Skimming & Filling  is

Toupret’s specially formulated

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star PopularToupret Joint and Skim Ready Mix

Toupret Joint & Skim Ready Mix

star PopularToupret Patch and Repair Quick Dry

Toupret Patch & Repair Quick Dry

star PopularToupret Fine Surface Filler

Toupret Fine Surface Filler