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Unique Wallpaper Ideas for Bathrooms

You might be wondering whether you can use wallpaper to revamp your bathroom. The answer is – you absolutely can! Thanks to recent innovations in wallpaper design, you can ditch the bathroom paint and create a wallpapered bathroom look instead.

While the bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, decorating it with wallpaper is a great way to add instant style and make it more appealing. Plus, you don’t need lots of natural light for wallpaper to make an impact, meaning it’s a great choice for low-lit bathrooms.

Read on to discover our unique wallpaper ideas for any and every bathroom.

Which Type of Wallpaper Should I Use?

Wallpapered bathrooms are becoming more and more popular. We recommend using treated wallpaper or vinyl wallpaper to decorate your bathroom. Both types are available in plenty of styles, with something to suit every space.

Vinyl wallpaper is the best type to use in a humid bathroom. This is because it’s specifically designed not to absorb water.

Key tip: Make sure to invest in some bathroom sealant before you begin wallpapering your bathroom. Bathroom sealant contains mould-resistant properties and helps protect areas of the bathroom exposed to moisture.

Bathroom Wallpaper Designs

Popular bathroom wallpaper designs include:

  • Graphic print bathroom wallpaper

  • Contour bathroom wallpaper

  • Vintage flower print bathroom wallpaper

  • Striped bathroom wallpaper

  • Tile print bathroom wallpaper

Why Wallpaper Works Well in Bathrooms

Wallpaper is an excellent choice for almost every bathroom. With wallpaper, it’s easy to create an aesthetically pleasing look in such a small room. Some of the benefits of using wallpaper in the bathroom include:

Versatility – bathroom wallpaper can be used to create many different types of décor styles. It works well with other materials and finishes, too.

Easy maintenance – bathroom wallpaper is much easier to maintain than tiling. It will generally only ever require inexpensive minor repairs.

Budget-friendly – most bathroom wallpaper is inexpensive, making it an excellent option for those on a budget.

Straightforward installation – bathroom wallpaper is very easy to apply. It’s also ideal for hiding any marks or imperfections on the wall.

When Does Bathroom Wallpaper Not Work?

If you have a particularly humid bathroom, you will probably want to consider decorating with paint rather than wallpaper. Telltale signs of an overly humid bathroom include poor ventilation and no functioning window.

If you aren’t sure whether wallpaper would work in your bathroom, our tip is to order a sample and put it to the test. 

Choosing a Style to Suit Any Space

Different wallpaper works well in different bathrooms. Whether you have a small bathroom or a large, spacious bathroom, wallpaper is a brilliant alternative to paint when it comes to brightening up your interior.

Some of our helpful tips for wallpapering the bathroom include:

Use wallpaper to make the bathroom feel less clinical – graphic print wallpaper and botanical wallpaper are perfect choices for making a bathroom look and feel less like a bathroom.

Consider the mood you want to create – before going ahead with wallpapering, spend some time deciding what kind of mood you want to create in your bathroom. Do you want something bold, or would you rather opt for a more subtle look?

Consider all elements of the bathroom – when choosing wallpaper for the bathroom, it’s important to take into account all the elements of the room. Choose wallpaper that will complement all the surfaces and textures of the room.

Make sure the room is completely dry before wallpapering – to prevent any air bubbles from appearing, refrain from running the shower at least two days before wallpapering your bathroom.

How Much Wallpaper Do I Need for My Bathroom?


The amount of wallpaper needed for decorating can be difficult to calculate. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend:

Two rolls for surfaces of up to 50 square feet

Four rolls for surfaces of 50 to 100 square feet

Six rolls for surfaces of 101 to 150 square feet

Small Bathrooms

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For smaller bathrooms, we recommend decorating with neutral wallpaper. This helps open up the room and makes it feel light, airy and spacious. Wallpaper with bold patterns can often make smaller rooms feel claustrophobic.

If you’d like to incorporate patterned wallpaper into your bathroom, the Galerie Italian Classics Damask style 1 Wallpaper is a fantastic option. Available in a subtle colour scheme, it will work wonders in small bathrooms.

Medium Bathrooms

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With medium bathrooms, you have more space to play around with. Both neutral and bold wallpapers are perfect for medium-sized bathrooms. Keep it subtle with wallpaper in pastel colours or go all-out with vibrant flower print wallpaper.

Liven up your bathroom with botanical wallpaper like this Galerie Avalon Tropical Leaves Wallpaper. With a colourful design, it’s ideal for making a statement in bathrooms with more space.

Large Bathrooms

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For large bathrooms, we suggest using wallpaper with small prints to accentuate the space in the room. Ditsy floral print or small geometric print wallpaper is perfect for larger spaces. This Galerie Neapolis 3 Fleur de lis Wallpaper would look wonderful in bathrooms where you want to reinforce the feeling of spaciousness.

Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

When choosing wallpaper for the bathroom, it’s important to focus on the look and mood you want to reflect. Darker colours are good for creating a sophisticated, modern look, while lighter colours can make a space feel calm and bright.

Think about which colours will complement the rest of your bathroom. For example, if you have an all-white bathroom, colourful wallpaper can contrast this by bringing interest to the space. You also need to consider the people who will be using the bathroom on a day-to-day basis, as well as the location of the bathroom in the home. Are you decorating a bathroom in a family home or a couple’s home? Is it a downstairs loo or an ensuite bathroom?

Choosing the ideal bathroom wallpaper ultimately comes down to personal preference. It’s up to you whether you want to stick to a subtle colour scheme or think outside the box with an eye-catching patterned design.


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For many people, the bathroom is a quiet retreat used to calm the senses at the end of a hectic day. Opt for wallpaper in light shades to create a soothing atmosphere in your bathroom. Wallpaper in warm shades of white will highlight a relaxing, spa-like feel.

Alternatively, use floral wallpaper to reinforce a feeling of nature and peacefulness in your home. This Galerie Avalon Foliage Weave Wallpaper features a pretty green floral print to create the atmosphere of a calming oasis.


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Bathrooms are the perfect space to let your imagination go wild. And because they’re generally quite small, they’re often overlooked when it comes to decorating. If you want to create a bold bathroom look using wallpaper, a great option is to design a single accent wall. Choose a wallpaper like this Galerie Elle Geometric Circle Wallpaper for a look that is sure to stand out.

Or create a vintage look with white wallpaper featuring a blue pattern. This Galerie Neapolis 3 Lattice Damask Wallpaper boasts a fabulous damask print, perfect for creating a touch of elegance in the bathroom. Pair with coordinating floral accessories for ultimate effect.


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Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice brilliant design to create a family-friendly look. Make the family bathroom fun and interesting by using 3D-effect wallpaper to spruce up the walls. This Galerie Elle 3D Geometric Wallpaper will make any bathroom pop. Featuring a combination of light and dark colours, it will help to create a cool, quirky bathroom.

Ready to redecorate your bathroom? Whether you want to completely transform your own bathroom with wallpaper or you’re looking for design ideas for a client’s home, our wallpaper hub has all the inspiration you need. From damask wallpaper to textured wallpaper, our products are perfect for adding colour and style to the bathroom.

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