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Transforming a Bedroom into an Animal-Themed Paradise

Animal print is one of the most on-trend wallpaper designs in the home today. Whether it’s cheetah print or snakeskin print, many people choose animal wallpaper to make a statement and express their personality. This style screams modern chic and can make a room feel fun and characterful. Plus, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate it, from creating a feature wall to mixing and matching different prints.

Want to learn how to style your home with animal wallpapers? This guide will cover why animal-themed rooms work and which animal print wallpapers would look good in a bedroom. From safari wallpapers to tropical wallpapers, you can find all sorts of impactful designs on the Dulux Decorator Centre wallpaper hub.

Read on to learn how to transform your space into an animal-themed paradise.

Why animal-themed rooms work

Animal print wallpaper creates a contemporary, elegant feel in the home. It’s long been associated with luxury and can help make a bedroom more visually appealing. And, because of its bold design, it’s sure to make an impression and add instant style.

Another reason to choose animal wallpaper for your home is that it’s relatively inexpensive and available in many styles. Our animal wallpaper range features durable options in different colours, so you can find something to suit the rest of your interiors perfectly.

Animal wallpaper styles to suit every home

Animal wallpapers come in lots of different designs. Some of the most popular prints include:

  • Butterflies

  • Birds

  • Tropical

  • Rainforest

And of course, there’s also the classic leopard print and zebra print. Choosing the right pattern comes down to considering the shape and space of your bedroom and the colour palette you want to use. And remember, you don’t have to limit animal print wallpapers to just your bedroom. They can be used in your living room, kitchen, and even your bathroom.

When decorating with animal print, the trick is to make the look intentional rather than disorganised. You can do this by balancing the wallpaper with more neutral accessories and furnishings. Keep reading to discover some of our top tips on how to use animal print wallpapers.   


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Pretty and feminine, butterfly wallpapers add a touch of charm to any space. This type of wallpaper has a relaxing effect and can infuse a little life into a bedroom that might be lacking pizzazz.

Wondering how to decorate with butterfly wallpapers? Create an eye-catching look by pasting the wallpaper across every wall in the room. The trick is to choose a design that uses bold colours in the foreground and neutral colours in the background.

This Galerie Butterflies Wallpaper is the perfect choice, featuring beautiful rows of butterfly motifs that stand out against the backdrop. Best of all, it’s available in various colour combinations, so it’s easy to choose something suitable for your home.


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Bird print wallpapers are strongly associated with springtime and revival. Arguably the most versatile and timeless animal print, bird motifs can help brighten up a bedroom and transform it into a relaxing haven.

A great way to style bird wallpapers is to create a feature wall that will really stand out. This Superfresco Easy Songbird Wallpaper is an excellent option for an accent wall, featuring a wonderful bird pattern and subtle glitter highlights to make the design pop. It’s available in two delicate colour patterns, Duck Egg and Lilac, both of which are sophisticated. To balance the look, keep the other walls throughout the room neutral by painting them white or cream.


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Lively and botanical, tropical wallpapers are great for those who want to be more daring with the animal theme. This type of wallpaper often uses bright colours to bring out the tropical pattern and create a powerful look.

The Matthew Williamson Talavera Wallpaper is one example of a larger-than-life tropical and animal print wallpaper. With a pattern of birds and vivid citrus fruit motifs, it’s sure to add the wow factor to any bedroom. The colours used throughout this wallpaper are simply spectacular, and there are three standout palettes to choose from.

If your bedroom is on the smaller side, we recommend covering every wall with this type of wallpaper and choosing neutral accessories to complement it. If your bedroom is spacious and airy, incorporate the wallpaper in sections. This could involve covering the top half of the wall with wallpaper and colour blocking the bottom half. When painting the bottom half, choose colours that complement the wallpaper’s patterns rather than compete with them.

Remember, don’t be afraid to mix and match colour combinations or even different animal prints. For example, you could decorate with bird print wallpaper and tropical print wallpaper alongside one another. If you decide to do this, try to stick to a maximum of two wallpapers to prevent the space from looking busy and cluttered.


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Rainforest wallpapers, like this Galerie Rainforest Wallpaper, can help bring the feeling of nature inside your home. Defined by gentle colours, this unique wallpaper would work well in a guest bedroom where you want to create an element of interest.

The Galerie Rainforest Wallpaper is available in Brown, Gold and Multicolour Blues. Choose the Brown colour scheme for a toned-down look, or go all out with the Multicolour Blues design, featuring a striking turquoise background shade. To finish off the look, fill the rest of the room with light wooden furniture that will enhance the colours of the wallpaper.

Use plain fabrics and accessories if you don’t want the animal print to feel too overbearing. You could also add a few houseplants around the room to reinforce the feeling of the outdoors.

Ready to transform your space with animal print wallpaper? Browse our complete wallpaper collection today to get started. And for even more inspiration, check out the rest of our decorating blogs here at Dulux Decorator Centre. From painting advice to wallpaper ideas, read all the tips and tricks from the experts and get ready to create your dream home.

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