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Tranquil White Wallpaper Ideas for Every Bedroom

Decorating with white wallpaper is a great way to make your bedroom look modern and stylish. Neutral wallpapers are effortlessly trendy and can transform any space to feel light and airy. No matter the size of your bedroom, white wallpaper can help open it up and provide a blank canvas to accessorise the rest of the room.

Want to revamp your bedroom with white wallpaper? Here at the Dulux Decorator Centre, our wallpaper hub features chic styles to suit any home. From textured wallpapers to plain white options, finding something to match your design ideas is easy.

Read on to discover why white wallpaper works in a bedroom and the best designs for every space.   

Why white works in bedrooms

One of the main benefits of using white wallpaper in a bedroom is that it creates a calm, tranquil environment. Other advantages include:

It’s durable and often relatively inexpensive

All-white walls generate a feeling of cohesion, making a bedroom look automatically more tidy

White wallpaper is incredibly versatile and can be styled in lots of different ways

The best white wallpapers for every space

Wondering how to decorate with white wallpapers? This all comes down to making the room feel warm and relaxing. Too much white can make a space feel cold and clinical, so it’s important to balance it with different shades throughout the rest of the room.

Some of the most popular types of white wallpaper are:

Plain white wallpaper

Patterned white wallpaper

Textured white wallpaper

Off-white wallpaper

Silver and white wallpaper

Patterned wallpapers, like white brick wallpaper, are perfect for adding interest to your bedroom, while plain white wallpapers provide a fresh, clean look.

Creating a warm look with white wallpapers

You can complement white wallpapers by bringing warmth and cosiness to the rest of the room. This can be achieved in several ways:

Create a monochrome look – add dark accents to an all-white bedroom for crisp, contemporary style. This can be done by incorporating accessories, such as lamps, cushions or a coffee table

Introduce brightly coloured accessories – choose warm colours, such as oranges, yellows and reds, for accessories and furnishings

Choose wallpaper with subtle detailing – patterned wallpaper can help make a bedroom feel instantly warmer. White wallpaper with sparkly silver detailing is one example of this

Use textures – textured wallpaper can add a little pizzazz to a white space. You could also accessorise the room with a textured rug for a beautiful contrast

Keep reading to learn how to create different moods using white wallpaper.


Image title

A white bedroom can feel incredibly inviting, especially if you’re returning to it after a long, busy day. Create a peaceful atmosphere with this Superfresco Easy Louis Wallpaper, featuring a fine texture and a delicate pattern. It’s the ideal base for transforming your bedroom into a quiet retreat.

How to style

Styling this white wallpaper is easy. Continue the feeling of tranquillity by adding cushions, blankets and throws in soft colours. If you choose to accessorise with a single colour, the trick is to mix different shades and tones rather than relying on just one. For example, if you choose orange as your accent colour, mix hues such as peach, apricot and tangerine. This can help make your bedroom look well thought-out and organised.

To finish off the look, add some soft lighting by dotting a few candles around the room.


Image title

This Superfresco Paintable Texture Wallpaper is perfect for a luxurious look. Featuring a vertical stripe pattern, a linen texture and a clean white tone, it’s ideal for creating an elegant, sophisticated space that still feels lovely and comforting.

How to style

There are a couple of key ways to style this wallpaper and heighten the sense of luxury. The first way is to accessorise with light oak furniture. Subtle wood accents will contrast effortlessly against the white wallpaper and add an extra element of charm to your bedroom.

The second way is to create a monochromatic effect. You can do this by accessorising the rest of the room with small monochrome details, such as a black and white duvet or black pillows. The contrast of the colours will add instant warmth to your bedroom.


Image title

Want to make your bedroom look modern and appealing? Texture-effect wallpapers offer an on-trend look – perfect for the contemporary home. This fabulous Superfresco Paintable Brick Wallpaper features a standout brick effect for an impactful look. 

How to style   

Style this white wallpaper look by adding bright pops of colour to the rest of the room. Consider incorporating a colourful piece of artwork above your bed or a few cushions in bright colours. Remember to show off your personality through your décor, too. You can do this by decorating with family photographs or souvenirs you may have collected from your travels.  


Image title

When it comes to decorating, nothing says traditional quite like off-white wallpaper. This Galerie Neapolis 3 Mottled Effect Wallpaper in beige features a mottled effect and is an excellent choice if you want to channel a classic look in your bedroom.

How to style

Wondering how to style off-white wallpaper? There’s no better colour combination than off-white and light grey. Introduce subtle hues of grey through furniture such as a bedside table and wardrobe, or through soft furnishings such as a throw and cushions. Enhance the look with metallic wall art and miniature mirrors.

Ready to decorate your home with white wallpaper? Browse our complete range of affordable wallpaper options and transform your space today. Our wallpaper is available in different finishes and lengths so you can find something to fit your requirements. And for even more inspiration, discover the rest of our blogs for fantastic tips and tricks from the decorating experts.

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