Look out for the upgraded Diamond Matt and Diamond Eggshell products, which now incorporate innovative stain repellent technology.

You'll be familiar with Dulux Trade's scrub and scuff resistant Diamond range. Well, it's now been revamped to bring additional benefits to the industry.

The innovative stain repellent technology featured in the new range is not present in any other durable paint available today. This delivers enhanced durability, ensuring that stains are actively repelled on impact with the surface - minimising contact time and making the stain easier to clean. In other words, surfaces can be simply wiped clean. As a result, the paint looks better for longer, extending maintenance cycles.

So how does it differ from other trade formulations making similar claims?

Traditionally, durable performance paints employed in high traffic areas were required to withstand frequent cleaning cycles without damaging the surface.

Now, with the new Diamond range, Dulux Trade has taken a huge leap forward in durability performance by making sure the paints not only have excellent scrub and scuff resistance but are also resistant to discolouring from wet stains. This is an industry-first, which will not only help lower costs by extending maintenance but also improves sustainability by reducing the environmental impact of the decorating process.

For more information on the range, visit our dedicated Diamond page on the website

Posted at 09:35am


  • richard mcdougall

    Found the diamond Matt far too shiny, cutting in shows, touch up properties not good, extra coats required. Much prefer the amstead durable matt

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