Expert Tips: Wallpapering

As part of our expert blog series, we ask professional painters and decorators for their top tips. In this blog post, we spoke to Peter Doyle, technical training consultant decorator, AkzoNobel, about how to get the perfect finish with wallpaper.

Correct measurement

When measuring wallpaper, the best rule to follow is 'Measure thrice and cut once'. While this may take longer in the short term, it will ultimately save you time on the job and avoid costly mistakes.

Always use a plumb line for your starting point, and out of each corner. Without this, you may find that the wallpaper has overlaps and gaps. Also, make sure that you don't use pens or pencils to mark to paper surface, as the adhesive will cause the ink to bleed, potentially ruining the wallpaper.

Proper planning

Plan your project prior to starting. By planning the start and finish of the wallpaper in advance, you can make sure that the pattern flows and the paper is balanced.

Always adhere to soak times, or consider a 'paste the wall wallpaper', which allows you to apply your paste to the wall before hanging, rather than to the back of the wallpaper. This can reduce the chance of tearing.

Here at Dulux Decorator Centre we’ve got stunning, bold designs as well as more natural, textured designs, to give each room a unique feel, and if you're unsure, just ask. Our in-store experts, dedicated wallpaper areas and inspirational brochures will help to point customers in the right direction.

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