Expert Tips: Woodcare

We've collaborated with professional painters and decorators to bring you the best tips for the best possible job. In this post, Chris Wingrove, Skills Development Consultant at AkzoNobel, shares his tips on woodcare week, and how to make sure coatings last, whatever the weather.

The right conditions

Spring and summer is the ideal time of year to apply woodcare products to exterior timber, but did you know that you shouldn't do so when it's too hot and humid?

In fact, timing is key with woodcare, or it won't provide adequate protection against the weather. For example, don't apply when there's a risk of frost or rain, below 7°C or above 30°C for solvent-borne products and 10°C or above 25°C for water-borne ones.

Weathered timber

As you know, it's important to protect timber from the elements. When applying woodcare coatings, it's important to make sure that the timber has not been exposed to sunlight for too long. If it has been exposed for over four weeks, the timber will require mechanical sanding during preparation, as hand sanding is rarely enough. Try the Mirka DEROS sander for a thorough and virtually dust-free job.

Silvery grey timber fibres are a sign that timber has been denatured by weathering. Even if it isn't grey, exposure to sunlight over a month can damage the surface to such a degree that sanding is required.

For more tips on woodcare preparation and how to apply coatings to make them last as long as possible, visit our in-store experts at your nearest Dulux Decorator Centre.

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