Our New Workwear Range

Whether you’re a painter, decorator, or anything in between, getting the right protection is hugely important. Putting everything you need in one place, Dulux Decorator Centre range of protective clothing, knee pads, paint masks and more, means you can work worry-free.

Each item of decorators’ workwear we stock is designed by professionals for professionals. Every aspect of our garments have been considered, to help you feel comfortable and at ease with a brush in your hand.

Practical and professional bib and braces overalls

The ideal protection against paint spills and debris within nuisance areas, our professional bib and braces overalls are designed for general everyday use.

With ample pockets for much-needed storage throughout your working day and elasticated back sections to make it easy to manoeuvre, we’ve thought of everything a professional decorator needs to get any job done to the best of your ability.

• 290gsm heavier weight polyester cotton fabric
• 50% more pockets than previous specification
• Contoured nylon knee pad pockets for a better fit
• Nylon knees and hems for better durability
• Elasticated back straps on bib and brace provide better flexibility

Our industry leading bib and brace overalls are designed with a high percentage of cotton for superior everyday comfort and non-shrinking attributes.

Dexters Workwear

We now stock Dexters premium workwear trousersdesigned by professionals who wanted to create workwear that's flexible and adaptable as well as durable.

• Interchangeable pockets are adaptable depending on the job
Women’s trousers and additional sizes available to order in-store or online
• Raised waistband to rear for easy bending
• Wear resistant Cordura hems
• Raised inner hems to combat boot rub

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Industry standard knee and face protection for painters and decorators

When it comes to those specialist jobs, extra protection is essential. We stock Personal Protective Equipment of all kinds, so whatever the task throws at you, you’ll have the means to get things done. For hands, gloves are the best defence, with disposable, light duty and extended use varieties to choose from.

For anything involving particles or vapours, we have a selection of masks, from basic to specialist. And for extra messy situations, disposable coveralls will keep dirt, grease and dust away from clothes and skin.

HD Foam Knee pads - All of our workwear is designed to accommodate knee pad inserts to improve decorator comfort and reduce work related injury to the knees.

Nitrile GlovesPowder and latex free for reduced allergy risk, these gloves have a texture palm and are resistant to white spirit and typical decorating solvents (unlike latex which white spirit can slowly permeate through).

Vented Safety GogglesParticularly suited to spray and overhead work where droplets are a risk, these goggles are also fog resistant. The lens is EN166B rated, meaning it will protect the user from light weight, high speed projectiles typically created where sanding or grinding work may be going on.

Stock up on our long-lasting decorators’ workwear to enjoy the perfect balance between protection and practicality wherever you’re painting.

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