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How to Style Textured Wallpaper

Ageing paintwork is a common problem for homeowners and can make a home look dull, tired and worn out. Decorating with textured wallpaper is one way to revive a space and bring it back to life.

Textured wallpaper is designed to look three-dimensional and creates the appearance of a texture or surface. It’s easy to maintain and available in different styles, from abstract wallpaper to bamboo wallpaper.


What Wallpaper Textures are Available?

Textured wallpaper is making a big comeback this year. Some of the main textures available include:

  • Abstract wallpaper – a vibrant wallpaper suitable for large rooms where you want to make an impression.
  • Bamboo wallpaper – a wallpaper with a natural look, ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms.  
  • Suede wallpaper – a luxurious wallpaper with a look of real suede. A great choice for bedrooms. Keep it neutral with white textured wallpapers and cream textured wallpapers, or add a pop of colour with red suede wallpapers.
  • Glitter wallpaper – a sparkly wallpaper perfect for feature walls in bedrooms or living rooms. Glitter metallic textured wallpapers offer a lovely look.

Embossed Vs. Non-Embossed Wallpaper

When decorating with textured wallpaper, many people wonder whether to use embossed or non-embossed styles. The answer is it’s entirely up to you. Embossed wallpaper features a raised surface, while non-embossed wallpaper features a flat surface and mimics different textures.

Both types of wallpaper come with their own advantages. Embossed wallpapers are highly durable and can be painted in a colour of your choice. Non-embossed wallpapers can be covered with new papers, providing more leeway when redecorating.

Abstract Wallpaper

Blue Abstract Feather Motif Wallpaper in a living room
Abstract wallpaper uses interesting shapes and loose patterns to bring creativity to a space. A great example is abstract floral wallpaper, which creates the look of a flowery scene on the wall.

When Does It Work?

Abstract wallpapers are an excellent choice for big rooms where you want to make an impact, such as living rooms or dining rooms. This Galerie Imagine - Abstract Feather Motif Wallpaper is ideal for creating the wow factor in your client’s home. With a vibrant design, it’s a fabulous choice for channelling a sultry look.

Bamboo Wallpaper

Galerie Bamboo Texture Wallpaper

Bamboo effect wallpaper features a natural look and is perfect for modern homes that require a touch of charm.  


When Does It Work?

Bamboo effect wallpaper can help create a chic look in all kinds of rooms, from bedrooms to bathrooms. This Galerie Bamboo Texture Wallpaper features a sophisticated finish and is available in different colours.

Suede Wallpaper

 Superfresco Colours Suede Texture Wallpaper

Suede effect wallpaper is designed with the look of real suede. It’s superb for creating a cosy and luxurious atmosphere in a bedroom. This type of wallpaper has been popular since the 18th century and is now more common than ever in households.

When Does It Work?

Suede effect wallpaper works well either as a feature wall or across an entire room, such as a bedroom. This Superfresco Colours Suede Texture Wallpaper has a slight texture to add dimension. It would work well in high-traffic spaces prone to wear and tear.


Glitter Wallpaper


Subtle Cream Glitter Wallpaper 

Add a touch of sparkle with glitter effect wallpaper. This type of wallpaper generally features a smooth surface with glittery metallic accents. It’s ideal for creating a sense of opulence in a room.

When Does It Work?

There are plenty of ways to incorporate glitter wallpaper into home décor. Like suede wallpaper, glitter wallpaper works effectively as a feature wall if your client doesn’t want to go all-out with sparkle.

This Galerie Elle Plain Glitter Wallpaper has a neutral design – great for adding just a little pizazz to a room. 

Textured Wallpaper for Every Room

When it comes to redecorating, many people’s first thought is to give the walls a fresh coat of paint. However, textured wallpaper is an alternative way to transform dull interiors and hide any marks or indentations on the walls.

Textured wallpaper has seen a significant rise in popularity in recent years and is a suitable alternative to paint. Different textured wallpapers work better in different rooms of the house.

This table shows the most effective way to use textured wallpaper in each room.

Textured Wallpaper

Which Room?

Rough textured wallpapers

Rooms that receive a high volume of traffic

Smooth textured wallpapers

Rooms that aren’t prone to wear and tear

Natural textured wallpapers

Rooms where you want to add rustic charm


Living Room

Living Room

Wallpapers with a slightly raised texture are ideal for living room walls prone to wear and tear. They help mask imperfections and make the room more aesthetically pleasing. To make an impact, choose abstract textured wallpaper for a living room, and select a design with bright colours for ultimate effect.

One way to style textured wallpaper in the living room is to combine it with a single painted wall. Choose a paint colour that will complement the wallpaper.



Textured wallpapers can add visual depth to a bedroom.

Suede wallpaper is great for creating a cosy look. Tile wallpaper, like this Osborne & Little Faenza Tile Wallpaper, also works well in modern bedrooms where you want to add a unique focal point. Rustic accessories, such as woven chairs, look fabulous teamed with textured wallpaper.



The kitchen is a great place to experiment with texture effect wallpapers. Textured wallpapers are becoming ever more popular in kitchens, where people are choosing them to recreate the look of different surfaces.

Channel an industrial look with this Galerie Stone Brick Wall Wallpaper, or go for something more traditional with a swirl effect design, like this Galerie Marble Swirl Effect Wallpaper. Start small with an accent wall or cover all four walls. If your client has a high ceiling in their kitchen, you could even consider wallpapering this area, too.

Textured wallpaper with a vinyl finish is ideal as it protects against moisture damage. Make sure to choose wallpaper that is scrubbable so that it can be kept clean.  




While some people may be hesitant to use textured wallpapers in the bathroom, you can absolutely do so by choosing washable vinyl wallpaper. As you’re probably aware, vinyl wallpaper is made with PVC and doesn’t absorb any moisture.

This Galerie Avalon Concrete Effect Wallpaper features a neutral colour and is perfect for complementing an all-white bathroom look.  


Dining Room

Dining Room

The dining room is another high-traffic room, so it would benefit from wallpaper with a slightly raised surface. This Superfresco Easy Louis Wallpaper features a fine texture and a delicate pattern. In a beautiful cream colour, it’s perfect for dining rooms with neutral colour schemes.



The hallway is an excellent place to make an impression with textured wallpaper. As it’s usually the first room that you’re greeted with when you walk into a home, it’s important to get the look just right.

This Mosaic Wallpaper features a bold print that would work well in modern homes.

Our huge collection of textured wallpaper has all the styles you need to make an impact in your home. From brick effect wallpaper to abstract textured wallpaper, transform your space with high-quality textured wallpaper from Dulux Decorator Centre.

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