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Geometric Wallpaper Styles for Every Home

Bold, striking and effective, geometric wallpaper can inject some life into any space. This type of wallpaper features a pattern of repeated shapes or lines and works well in any room in the house. Available in different colours, it’s a sophisticated choice for your home.

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your walls with modern geometric wallpapers, we’re here to help. This guide will take you through the geometric wallpaper we stock on the Dulux Decorator Centre hub, focusing on which design would work well in each room. We’ll also advise you on which wallpaper accessories you’ll need when wallpapering.

Ready to decorate? Read on to find out how you can brighten up your home with our extensive geometric wallpaper collection.

Why you should choose geometric wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper is exactly as it sounds. It’s associated with patterns and geometry and features shapes such as squares, circles and triangles in contrasting colours. It’s an extremely popular choice, with more and more people using it to express their style and add personality to their home. Some of its key benefits include:

It’s available in bold and subtle colours so it’s easy to find something to suit your taste

It’s durable and often relatively inexpensive

It’s bold and eye-catching

This unique type of wallpaper provides a refreshing change from unpatterned wallpaper and adds a contemporary feel to a room. You can choose designs in bright colour schemes like pinks and blues, or monochrome colour schemes such as black and white geometric wallpapers. Keep an open mind and consider whether you want to create a bold, impactful look or something subtle and toned down. It all comes down to personal preference and what looks best in your house.

Geometric wallpaper is durable and often relatively inexpensive. It can help make a statement and transform a space to be more eye-catching and visually appealing.  

What products do I need to apply wallpaper?

Applying geometric wallpaper yourself? There are several essential products you’ll need to complete the job to a high standard. These include:

Wallpaper paste – such as the Polycell Trade Extra Strong Paste

A plumb line – a handy measuring tool to achieve straight edges when wallpapering. The DDC Plumb Line is a great choice

Wallpaper scissors – the Axus Decor Stainless Steel Wallpaper Scissors are ideal for trimming wallpaper

A wallpapering table – like the HallsBeeline Heavy Duty MDF Top Paste Table

An application brush

A tape measure

Keep reading to discover the different types of geometric wallpaper available on our website.

Gallerie Elle Geometric Circle Wallpaper

 Image title

Wallpaper type: vinyl

Geometric circle wallpaper is an excellent choice for any room where you want to make an impact. Featuring a contemporary, stand-out print on non-woven backing paper, this Galerie Elle Geometric Circle Wallpaper is ideal for the living room or bedroom. Style with furniture in neutral colours such as cream or black to complement the overall look.

Graham & Brown Vector Wallpaper

Image title

Wallpaper type: standard

Available in: Graphite/Gold, Lemon Silver, Navy/Gold, Rose Gold

The overall design of your geometric wallpaper comes down to the type of ambience you want a room to reflect. This Graham & Brown Vector Wallpaper is a good choice for the modern home, featuring a pattern of lines on a dark background.

Due to the simplicity of the design and the combination of colours, this geometric wallpaper would work well in a space like your dining room where you want to create a sophisticated atmosphere. Team with dark wooden furniture, ensuring that the colours you choose enhance the look of the wallpaper rather than clash with it.

Graham & Brown Prism Wallpaper

Image title

Wallpaper type: washable

Available in: Mint, Navy, Orange, Silver, White/Rose Gold, Yellow

If you’re looking to use bright colours in your home, this Graham & Brown Prism Wallpaper could be the design for you. Featuring white motifs amidst a mustard background, it’s another brilliant choice for your living room, especially if you want to make the space feel airy. Paste it all over or create a single feature wall, keeping the other walls neutral.

This wallpaper is washable, meaning it features a specific coating that makes it easy to clean without causing any damage. For this reason, it would work well in high-traffic areas where it might be more prone to becoming dirty.

To finish off the look, pair with furniture in darker colours – such as a blue velvet sofa – to make the wallpaper stand out. Dotting a few houseplants around can make the room feel even more light and wonderful.

Galerie Elle Geometric Triangles Wallpaper

Image title

Wallpaper type: vinyl

Available in: Cream, Multicolour

Fancy trying out geometric triangle wallpapers? If you’re excited about the prospect, this Gallerie Elle Geometric Triangles Wallpaper could be perfect for your home. It features a repeated triangle pattern and would work beautifully in a bedroom. Best of all, it’s available in either a cream or a multicoloured print, so you can select the right shade for you depending on the look you have in mind. Style this wallpaper with light wooden furniture and neutral accessories.

Marimekko Rasymatto Wallpaper

Image title

Available in: Black/White, Multi-coloured

This Marimekko Rasymatto Wallpaper is great for jazzing up an area like the kitchen. Featuring a pattern of circles on a contrasting background, it’s designed to make a room really pop. Go all-out with multicoloured print or choose the black and white print for a stylish monochrome look. This pop art-style wallpaper will do all the talking, so simply use neutral colours across rest of the kitchen, such as white countertops and cupboards.

You could also use this wallpaper in the bathroom. Whether or not it’s the smallest room in the house, decorating your bathroom with bold wallpaper is a surefire way to make it more appealing.     

We hope we’ve inspired you to choose geometric wallpaper for your next decorating project. Check out our complete range of wallpaper here at Dulux Decorator Centre to update your home today. Or discover our other wallpaper blogs, such as Unique Wallpaper Ideas for Bathrooms and Floral Wallpaper Ideas for Every Home.

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