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Floral Wallpaper Ideas for Every Home

Decorating with floral wallpaper is a great way to brighten up any space. Flower wallpaper evokes calmness, creativity, and serenity and is designed to enhance a home's overall beauty.

Whether they’re applied to just one wall or throughout every room, flower wallpapers are ideal for adding character to worn-out interiors. And while floral designs can be tricky to get right, our detailed guide has all the advice you need.

Types of Floral Wallpaper

The two main types of floral wallpaper are:

Flower wallpaper – a popular choice for feature walls or bedrooms that need brightening up. There are all kinds of flower print wallpaper styles, from rose print to leaf print wallpaper. A versatile classic, the Galerie Abby Rose 4 - Large Rose Wallpaper would work well in every home.

Damask wallpaper– perfect for sophisticated hallways, lounges and dining rooms. Damask wallpaper, like the Boutique Corsetto Damask Wallpaper, uses floral elements alongside a rhythmic pattern of smooth lines, creating a luxurious look.

Flower Wallpaper

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If you need to add a splash of colour to a room, floral wallpapers are your answer. The floral trend has been popular since the 1950s when it first appeared in homes in the form of flowery curtains and sofas. Since then, it’s shifted and developed to include bolder designs that work well in most rooms.

Floral is no longer considered an outdated print but rather a fun and fabulous addition to the home. It’s a great way to bring a sense of nature into a space, and you can capture all sorts of moods depending on the design.

Which Shade of Flower Wallpaper Should I Choose?

For an energetic and revitalising feel, choose botanical wallpapers in shades of green. Or, for a vibrant atmosphere, choose floral wallpapers in bright hues such as red or pink.

Damask Wallpaper


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Damask wallpapers can be used as an impactful backdrop in any room. This type of wallpaper features intricate patterns, including floral motifs, in a jacquard style. Damask wallpaper gets its name from patterned fabrics created in Damascus in the Middle Ages. 

Damask wallpaper is a timeless design and adds a touch of grandeur and elegance to a space. It’s ideal for those who aren’t quite sure whether to go all-out with bright floral décor in their home.

Which Shade of Damask Wallpaper Should I Choose?

Darker shades of damask wallpaper can create a sense of intimacy, while gold hues and Damask metallic wallpapers evoke a regal look. If you want to open up a room and make it look bigger, choose wallpaper in white, cream, or pastel colours.

Large damask patterns are suitable for bigger rooms where you want to make an impression, while intricate patterns work well in smaller rooms.

Floral Wallpaper Ideas for Every Room

Floral wallpapers work differently in each room. From bedrooms to bathrooms, this trend can liven up every corner of the house.

Different accessories, such as houseplants or wall art, can be used to either enhance or tone down the floral look. Create a bold statement by matching floral wallpaper with other elements like curtains or rugs. Or keep it subtle by pairing the wallpaper with neutral furniture for a homely feel.

Consider Size

When decorating with flower print, it’s important to consider the size of a space. Busy wallpapers can sometimes make smaller rooms feel cluttered. The beauty of floral wallpaper is that there are endless options – from ditsy prints to larger-than-life motifs – so it’s easy to find something to complement any home perfectly.

Living Room


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Floral wallpaper can make a living room look instantly more appealing. It conjures up images of warm summer days with colourful petals blossoming everywhere. Popular designs include:

Metallic damask wallpaper – perfect for incorporating a bit of glamour into a home. Choose metallic wallpaper in shades of pink for an ultra-feminine look. Pair with neutral accessories such as a cream rug and cream scatter cushions.

Bold floral prints – add a pop of colour to a living room with bold floral print wallpaper in different colours. Team with vibrant accessories, such as a bright pink armchair.

Soft pastel floral prints – ideal for creating a sense of springtime in a home. Complete the look with furniture in soft cream shades and add a couple of throws for a cosy feel.


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Decorating a bedroom with floral wallpaper can help create a comforting atmosphere.

If the bedroom is relatively small, we recommend sticking to botanic wallpaper with smaller motifs, such as the Galerie Abby Rose 4 - Chic Rose Wallpaper. Featuring a chic rose design, it’s the perfect way to add definition to a room without making it feel claustrophobic.                               

Remember to think about background colours, too. If you want to make a room seem large and airy, choose light background colours such as yellow, white, or pastel blue. If you want to create a sultry look, consider dark background shades such as black and brown.


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Floral wallpapers with big patterns are perfect for kitchens where you want to make the room feel as spacious as possible. Leaf print wallpapers look great in classic kitchens, while dark bloom print wallpapers are ideal for more modern kitchens.

Choose colours that complement the cabinets and any painted walls to create a uniform look across the entire kitchen. For example, if the cabinets are blue, select a flower print wallpaper with a blue background to match. And so on. Make sure to add some greenery around the kitchen to enhance the botanical look.


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Don’t just limit floral wallpaper to the living room or bedroom – incorporate it into the bathroom, too! The bathroom is a great space to try out more daring designs, such as bright bouquets in vibrant colours.

But don’t feel like you have to use impactful floral prints in the bathroom. You can also opt for neutral colour schemes, such as yellow petals on a white background. The Galerie Abby Rose 4 - Flower Motif Wallpaper offers a stylish neutral look with subtle pops of colour.

One way to style the bathroom with floral wallpaper is to cover only the top half with paper, leaving the bottom half exposed. Choose a paint for the bottom half that will work well with the wallpaper across the rest of the bathroom. Avoid wallpapering areas that regularly come into contact with water.  

Dining Room

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Botanical wallpaper can bring texture to a dining room that requires a touch of charm. There are different ways to incorporate the trend into this space.

Red floral wallpaper is a popular choice for the dining room – ideal for making a bold statement. Pair with light wooden furniture and woven accessories for a lovely rustic look. Alternatively, consider using a modern blue flower print wallpaper and team with metallic accessories for a trendy look.

For something a little more neutral, a black and white scheme is always a great choice. White wallpaper with a black floral pattern will add just enough dimension to the room while ensuring it still feels uncluttered.


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For the hallway, keep it fun and interesting with flower prints in bright colours, such as with the Graham & Brown Stone Rose paper. This realistic-effect wallpaper will create the ultimate wow factor and transform any hallway into a floral sanctuary.

Add to the overall effect by painting the door frames and surrounding trim with complementary colours. If the hallway has a side table, decorate with accessories in bold colours, such as a lamp.

Discover our complete range of floral and damask wallpaper here at Dulux Decorator Centre, with designs to complement all home interiors. From ditsy prints to grey floral wallpaper, you’ll find chic options to add a tasteful element to any space.

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